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Hello there! In today’s edition of Google Cloud Weekly we will discuss how you can do a Google search for your…code? Also, several products are leaving beta this week that I’m really excited about.

New Version of Cloud Source Repositories Brings Google Search to your Code

For you developers out there, you are used to spending lots of time each day working with your code. Over time, as your code grows and becomes more complex, it can get kind of hard to find what one snippet that you know just has to be somewhere, but where?
Now, Google knows that part of development work is searching code, as they do it a lot as well. In fact, one case study found that programmers, on average, perform five code search sessions with 12 total queries each workday. They need answers such as:

  • What code does
  • Where it’s represented
  • Why code is behaving a certain way
  • Who made an edit and when, and…
  • How does this code perform a task?

These challenges are why Google has introduced the newest update to Cloud Source Repositories, which debuted in beta last week. The highlight feature of the newest update is that all owned repositories can be searched with a single query. Oh, and it’s lightning quick. It uses the same technology for Google Search…for your code, which is really cool!

Getting started with the new interface is easy. Just go to Cloud Source Repositories and click the link to try the beta release. Feel free to search for anything in your code or files. To get out, just go back to the main cloud console.
The new Cloud Source Repositories is now available in beta, so go check it out if searching through code is a daily task for you.

Cloud Dataprep and Data Studio leaves beta

Other big news this week is that two of my favorite data preparation and visualization tools, namely Cloud Dataprep and Data Studio, have now exited beta and are generally available.
So, why is this so exciting? It has often been said that the business that can best master big data is the one that rules the world. Two vital components of that process are the ability to prepare messy data to be not so messy and to easily visualize data to gain key business insights.

Cloud Dataprep lets you take raw dumps of data that might not be so easy to use, and clean and transform them to be much more useful. Behind the scenes, it actually uses a managed Dataflow pipeline for the transformation process, but the process is very user-friendly via a point and click interface. It lets you take a mess like this…

…and turn it into something much more usable like this

Data Studio is a simple to use but powerful business intelligence platform that makes complex visual analytics much more accessible. With Data Studio, you can analyze data from BigQuery, YouTube, and much much more via pre-built connectors, giving you the ability to gain important insights from easy to visualize data. It is both powerful and easy to use.

If you are a Linux Academy subscriber, you can view an in-depth hands-on guide to both products in our Google Cloud Data Engineer course if you would like to learn more.

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