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In today’s Google Cloud Weekly we will discuss new resources for using Kuberentes Engine in inexpensive test environments. Think of it as “Kubernetes for the little guy”.
We have spoken at length about the advantages of using Kubernetes in large scale, heavy duty, enterprise environments. But what about smaller startups who want to explore and experiment with Kubernetes without the high complexity and costs?
Google recently announced three new sets of tools and resources that make it easier and more affordable to run smaller environments on Kubernetes Engine.
The first is a utility called kubehost, which exposes services on a single host Kubernetes cluster and is designed for test environments. While your application is in the testing phase, kubehost can reduce the monthly costs of running your cluster by more than 50% (that’s a pretty big cost savings). When you are ready to convert your test environment to production, kubehost makes it easy to make the switch.
The second are new developer templates on Kubernetes Engine, which help small teams get up and running as fast and as cheaply as possible. Getting set up is easy, just create a new cluster, and select “Your First Cluster” from the templates menu. This template uses a single node with a smaller machine type which creates an inexpensive environment with a single click.

And finally, there is new documentation specifically focused on smaller test environments, which specifically focuses on configurations that limit costs such as disabling autoscaling and removing add-ons such as monitoring, dashboards, and built-in DNS capabilities in order to conserve limited test resources. Now be aware that you would not want to do this in production environments, but is fine for small test environments when you need to conserve every little bit of limited resources.

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