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Google Cloud Platform Pumps Up the Power With 96 Core Machine Types

Posted on October 16, 2017 by MattUMattU

What do Google Cloud Platform and Scotty from Star Trek have in common? They both need more power!
Google just announced the ability to create single VMs on Compute Engine with up to 96 cores. This is a 50% increase from their previous max allotment and greater than any other cloud platform vendor. With the new high core count machines, you can also pair them with up to 624 GB of memory (with plans to offer up to 4 TB in the future). To avoid paying for more resources than you need, custom machine types are also available so you can select your own memory to CPU count ratio which, again, only GCP offers.
These new machine types are among the few to be certified for SAP HANA scale-up deployments, which require massive power for its database resources.

Why Does All This Matter?

It’s no secret that Google is pushing for top spot in the cloud wars. This announcement is just another indication that Google is using their superior engineering and infrastructure to position themselves as the best cloud partner for the long term.  As their growth continues to escalate, will you be prepared to take advantage of the new opportunities that will be available?
We recently released our beginner’s introduction to Google Cloud Platform and the Cloud Architect exam with our part 1 of 3 architect track. Parts 2 and 3 are in development and will be released before the end of the year.
We truly believe that Google Cloud is just getting started in becoming one of the top cloud platform vendors. As demand for GCP professionals grows, prepare yourself to take advantage of it.
Edit: Part 2 and Part 3 of the Google Cloud Architect course are now all available!


Image of Murtuza Kolasavala
Murtuza Kolasavala
3 years ago

I started getting into google cloud. Pricing and core service features are really impressive. It’s Good article

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