Cloud Essentials is a basic certification through CompTIA. The certification aims to provide a vendor-neutral, conceptual understanding of the cloud. Cloud Essentials focuses on real-world issues and practical solutions for cloud computing, as it relates to business and IT. This is not a technical-heavy course and centers on the principles of the cloud, instead of the command line. CompTIA also has a CompTIA Cloud+ certification more in the direction of technical-heavy concepts that Linux Academy will offer in the future as well. If your organization uses the cloud or is still on the fence of migrating services into the cloud, the Cloud Essentials is a great starting point for you.

What We Cover

In the Cloud Essentials course, we make sure you understand what cloud services are and how they can relate to your business. We cover common terminology and acronyms that you will find in the cloud ecosystem on a daily basis, discuss how your business may or may not benefit from cloud technologies, and what kind of cloud technologies exist and what the differences are between them. We also take a look at what a successful cloud adoption might look like, and what the challenges and impact of cloud computing may have to your organization. Finally, we will also learn a high-level view of security, cloud risks, and consequences as it all relates under ITIL and basic service management.

What Does the Exam Consist of?

The actual exam will be approximately 50 multiple choice questions.  You have 60 minutes to take the exam and must have a 720 or greater score to pass.  CompTIA suggests that you have at least six months or more working in an environment or market that relies on IT-related services; however, Linux Academy offers everything you need to prepare, study, and pass the CompTIA Cloud Essentials exam.  Finally, the exam costs about $209 USD, but we offer a %10 off coupon code for Linux Academy students!

What's happening with Azure?

5 responses to “CompTIA Cloud Essentials”

  1. Shaun Morton says:

    I plan to take this course soon. Are there any plans for a CompTia Cloud+ course?

    • Elle says:

      Hello Shaun!

      A CompTIA Cloud+ course is not on our immediate schedule, but is currently under consideration as a future course release.


    I completed this course, but the certificate of completation is not shared in the page

  3. Thank you for this course… I really enjoying learning about Cloud computing.

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