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Hands-On Cloud Training Courses | New January Releases

Posted on January 18, 2019 by OliviaOlivia

Cloud computing has become ubiquitous in modern business, with 93% of organizations using some form of cloud service. Not only can the cloud free up resources to focus on core business drivers, as opposed to server maintenance, it can also add a level of resiliency and scalability to infrastructure that is hard to duplicate with on-premises strategies.
Ready to start or further your IT career with our cloud training Courses and Hands-On Labs? Our new releases will help you meet your goals! Our Courses come with engaging features like Interactive Diagrams, Hands-On Labs in live cloud environments, customizable flash cards, study groups, direct access to our expert Training Architects, downloadable Course videos, and more.
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New Hands-On Cloud Training Courses

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment – Exam AZ-100

with Chad Crowell

  • 17.75 Hours of Learning
  • 10 Hands-On Labs
  • 74 Course Videos
  • 300 Practice Exam Questions
  • 300 Flash Cards

Get prepared to pass the AZ-100 exam. Learn how to create, configure, and manage resources in the Azure cloud, including but not limited to:

  • Managing Azure subscriptions
  • Creating and managing alerts
  • Configuring resource policies and alerts
  • Creating and configuring storage accounts
  • Deploying and managing virtual machines
  • Creating and configuring VNet peering and DNS
  • Managing AD Identity Protection and objects


Get access to and practice in a live Azure console with these Hands-On Labs:

  • Applying Tags to VMs in Azure Using PowerShell
  • Securing Storage with Access Keys and Shared Access Signatures in Microsoft Azure
  • Modify Storage Account and Set Blob Container to Immutable
  • Utilizing AzCopy to Copy Files from On-Premises to Azure Storage Accounts
  • Configure Content Delivery Network (CDN) Endpoints in Microsoft Azure
  • Create and Mount Azure File Shares
  • Deploy a VM Using an ARM Template in Azure
  • Back Up and Restore a VM from the Azure Portal
  • Attach a Custom Disk to an Existing VM in Microsoft Azure
  • Adding a Network Interface to a VM in Azure

Enroll in this Course today!

AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty Course – NEW Hands-On Labs

with Fernando Medina Corey

  • 22.75 Hours of Learning
  • 8 New Hands-On Labs
  • 78 Course Videos
  • 136 Flash Cards

Big data is one of the most exciting and in-demand skills, powering large companies such as Google and Facebook. This in-depth course will provide you with the required knowledge needed to be prepared for taking the AWS Big Data Specialty certification. We will be covering the various big data products available and build highly scalable and secure big data applications.
Try out these Hands-On Labs:

  • NEW: Configuring Your First IoT Device
  • NEW: Building a Pipeline to Ingest and Analyze Streaming Data
  • NEW: Configuring DynamoDB Streams
  • NEW: DynamoDB Read Operation Performance
  • NEW: DynamoDB Tables and Global Secondary Indexes
  • NEW: Training Machine Learning Models with PageMaker
  • NEW: Migrating Redshift Data to and from S3
  • NEW: Preparing S3 Data for Public Visualizations
  • Creating and Configuring Kineses Streams and Kineses Firehose in AWS
  • Migrating a Database Using DMS
  • Creating DynamoDB tables
  • Querying EMR Using Hive
  • Creating and Using a SageMaker Notebook
  • Analyzing and Visualizing Data with AWS Elasticsearch Service and Kibana

Start this Course to take the new Hands-On Labs and get access to log in to an AWS console and practice your skills in a live environment.

Amazon EKS Deep Dive

with Mark Richman

  • 6.5 Hours of Learning
  • 4 Hands-On Labs
  • 21 Course Videos
  • 28 Flash Cards

Explore Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS) from the very basics of its configuration to an in-depth review of its use cases and advanced features. Learn how EKS is architected in order to provide a better understanding of how to manage container-based applications at scale. Dive into the configuration, management, and deployment of a microservices-based application in EKS.
Solidify what you learn through the interactive diagram accompanying this course, The EKS Manifest.
Dive into Amazon EKS and learn new skills inside a live AWS console with these Hands-On Labs:

  • Create an EKS Cluster in AWS
  • Deploy an Application to EKS
  • Autoscale an EKS Cluster
  • Capture EKS API Calls with CloudTrail


Cloud Security Fundamentals

with Justin Mitchell

  • 2.5 Hours of Learning
  • 14 Course Videos
  • 48 Flash Cards

The cloud has brought about tons of innovation and features, but one thing that’s often forgotten during implementation is security. In this Course, you’ll learn about security cloud concepts and the tools you can use to secure clouds. Topics covered in this course include roles and responsibilities, identity and access management, container security, maintaining compliance, and much more. This is the perfect Course for those starting out in cloud security – this short Course is broken up into even shorter lessons to help you learn even when you’re busy!
Enroll today!

Introduction to Cloud Migration Using Amazon Web Services

with Craig Arcuri

  • 3.25 Hours of Learning
  • 27 Course Videos
  • 39 Flash Cards

Learn about performing cloud migrations through virtual machine migration and database migration in this course. Follow along in your own AWS environment, provided by us, to grasp the concepts better. Gain a solid foundation in cloud migration and the skills to move forward with more complex cloud migration efforts!
What You’ll Learn in This Course:

  • Best practices for migrating to the cloud as well as specific features of the AWS platform that will support migrating databases and virtual machines to the cloud
  • Database migration and some of the issues that are involved when migrating an on-premises database to the cloud
  • The two major types of migrations, homogeneous and heterogeneous, and some of the issues that are unique to both of these types of migrations
  • The various techniques that can be used to perform virtual machine migrations and detail the different hypervisors from which virtual machines can originate
  • Establishing a solid performance baseline before migration as well as the importance of documenting your candidate system
  • Planning a good time frame for your migration and the factors that you need to consider when scheduling your migration window
  • Post-migration steps that are necessary to ensure that your system is operating correctly after the migration has taken place
  • The process of migrating a virtual machine from the AWS command line interface using AWS VM Import/Export
  • And much more!

Join Linux Academy to start this Course!

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional 2019 (In development, early preview)

with Adrian Cantrill

  • 22 Hours of Learning
  • 30 Course Videos
  • 30 Course Videos
  • 20 Hands-On Labs
  • 1 Interactive Diagram

Being able to achieve the AWS CSA Pro level certification is one of the top achievements for any cloud engineer. With that being said, it is also one of the most challenging exams offered by any cloud vendor today. You will need to dedicate a numerous amount of hours studying, taking practice exams, and getting hands-on experience within AWS.

Luckily, we’re here to help you! This Course is designed to guide you through learning the knowledge and services that are required to pass the CSA Professional exam successfully.

Hands-On Labs in this Course:

  • Using AWS Config and CloudFormation to Monitor Your Resources
  • AWS Tagging and Resource Groups
  • USing Web-Identity Federation to Authenticate AWS Account Access for a Remote
  • Accessing S3 with AWS IAM Roles
  • Working with VPC Flow Logs for Network Monitoring in AWS
  • Using Route 53 to configure DNW within an AWS environment
  • Creating NAT Gateways and VPC S3 Endpoints
  • Configuring Inter-Region VPC Peering in an AWS environment
  • Using AWS WAF to Protect Against Common Attacks
  • Deploying Docker Containers on Amazon EC2 Instances
  • Using RAID configurations on an AWS EBS volume
  • Using AWS EBS Snapshots to Restore Files to an AWS EBS Volume
  • Creating an Application Load Balancer from the AWS CLI
  • Creating and Configuring a Network Load Balancer in AWS
  • Utilizing Proxy Protocol and Nginx to Solve Problems through the AWS ELB
  • Streaming video with Amazon S3, CloudFront, and Elastic Transcoder
  • Using Cloudformation Templates to Create Complex Environments in AWS
  • Using Data Pipeline to export ad Table from DynamoDB
  • Disaster Recovery Techniques in AWS based on different RTO/RPO
  • Using Auto Scaling for SQS Message Queues to process messages in AWS

Get started on your CSA – Professional journey today


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