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AWS security is a complicated topic, and security should be one of the top priorities in every IT environment. The cloud actually makes it easier to be secure as long, as people keep best practices in mind and utilize services that can help along the way.
Protecting your AWS account is the first line of defense when protecting your AWS infrastructure. If you’re interested in starting the journey to becoming a Cloud professional, watch the video below to learn some beginner-level tips from one of our Assessment Architects, Phil Zona.

3 AWS Security Tips for Beginners

  1. Protect Root Account Credentials
  2. Use IAM Users for Your Everyday Tasks
  3. Enable CloudTrail Logging

For more in-depth knowledge on AWS security, check out our AWS Security Essentials Course to learn about:

  • AWS Infrastructure and Shared Security Model
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Encryption
  • Security of OS, Data, and Infrastructure
  • Monitoring, Alerting, and Auditing

AWS Security Essentials
Looking for something more advanced? Take on our AWS Certified Security Specialty Learning Quest to develop and test your skills required to become an AWS Certified Security Specialist.
Sign up to test your skills on:

  • Performing a Source Code Security Scan Using git-secrets in AWS
  • Enabling AWS VPS Flow Logs With Automation
  • Working with AWS CloudWatch Logs for Incident Response
  • Automatic Resource Remediation with AWS Config
  • And much more!


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