2018 has been a year of amazing growth. We’re so proud to have released over 220 new high-quality, hands-on Linux and cloud training resources, with more to come later this year! With 40 new Courses, 2 new Quests, 6 new Practice Exams, so many new Hands-on Labs, and 2 new Scale Your Code Episodes, this year has been our biggest content release ever.

Exciting Announcements:

Explore our new releases and start training to develop your skills, achieve your goals, and advance your career. Our Training Architects have been hard at work creating all of this new content just for you!

New Linux and Cloud Training Courses:

Each course includes hands-on training solutions and interactive diagrams to help you develop the real-world skills you need to advance your career.

hands-on training - elasticsearch hands-on training - SaltStack-Certified-Engineer

hands-on training - red hat ansible hands-on training - ci/cd pipeline

hands-on training - openstack foundations andministrator hands-on training - AWS-DevOps-Engineer

hands-on training - Linux+and-LPIC-1-System-Admin-Exam-101 hands-on training - Red-Hat-Certified-Specialist-in-Virtualization

hands-on training - aws lambda hands-on training - LPI DevOps

hands-on training - azure 70-532 hands-on training - AWS CSA-A

hands-on training - azure 70-533 Basic Chef Fluency

hands-on training - Certified Jenkins Engineer 

Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Course GCP-Professional-Data-Enginee

 Azure Concepts






Learn AWS By Doing 


New Interactive Diagrams:

Solidify your learning with Interactive Diagrams that help you visualize new concepts.


New Hands-On Labs:

Learn by doing in our Hands-On Labs and exercises, where you can safely practice your skills in real cloud environments provided and managed by the Linux Academy team.

hands-on labs


New Cloud Server Exercises:

Spin up as many as 6 Cloud Servers simultaneously, dedicated just to you.


New Practice Exams System:

Take a comprehensive practice exam with recommended times, score results, and explanations for each question and answer.


New Scale Your Code Episodes:

Scale Your Code


Develop the cloud skills you need to advance your career. Start your 7-day free trial now!

you learn we give 1

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