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Test Your Knowledge with Our AWS Practice Quiz

Posted on August 16, 2018 by PhilZonaPhilZona

Preparing to take an exam can be stressful. Laying out your plan, coming up with test-taking strategies, and even just finding the time to study can be challenges of their own. But once you’re ready to sit for the test, how can you know for sure that you’re ready? AWS Certification exams can be especially tricky. Everything you’ve read online can go right out the window when you’re faced with a complex, scenario-based question and no access to Google. But like anything, practice makes perfect. That’s why we’ve created a free AWS practice quiz for the Certified Solutions Architect exam.

Practice makes perfect

We often talk about one of our core beliefs at Cloud Assessments – that people learn best by using AWS, not just by reading about it. And that’s true. The only way to know the different services inside and out is to get in there and play with them.
But when it comes time to take your exam, you won’t be using the services at all. You’ll just be answering questions about them. Taking a practice exam may not help you learn AWS if you’re just starting out, but it’s a great way to test your skills while you’re preparing to get certified. The best way to practice for anything – not just an exam – is to try to do it under the same conditions that will be expected of you when it’s time for the big event.

What is on the Linux Academy AWS practice quiz?

Our practice quiz covers much of the same information as the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam. It’s made up of 25 questions with a mix of questions on core AWS services, including VPC, EC2, and S3, as well as how they are used in real-world scenarios. It’s not a perfect replica of the exam, of course, but we think it will be a helpful tool for people who are looking for some extra practice before taking the real exam.

Here’s how it works

The practice quiz includes questions ranging from easy to difficult. Unlike the real Certified Solutions Architect exam, our practice quiz is not timed. We want to make sure it’s helpful for students of all skill levels, so we allow you to take as much time as you like. However, we encourage you to time yourself to see how you do. In general, if you can get most of the questions right within 40 minutes, you’ll be in good shape. If you can get most questions correct in 30 minutes or less, even better.
But what if you get a lower score than you were hoping for? That’s okay, too. We created a comprehensive study guide with all the quiz questions and answers, as well as explanations of each. After you get your score, you’ll have an opportunity to download the guide.

Ready to test your knowledge?

Take the quiz now, share your score, and let us know what else we can do to help with your training!


Image of sharad
3 years ago

Hi Phil,
Thank you for posting the quiz. I found the quiz and the guidelines provided in the download very helpful.

Image of PhilZona
3 years ago

Glad to help, Sharad! Let us know what other training materials you’d like to see and we’ll try to make it happen.

Image of john
2 years ago

very nice informative quiz thanks for sharing

Image of Venkata Ramaiah bandlamudi
Venkata Ramaiah bandlamudi
9 months ago

Hello Phil,

I scored 72% in the practise quiz, will that be enough to pass the AWS associate architect exam.

Image of Saravanan Srinivasan
Saravanan Srinivasan
6 months ago

Hello Phil,
Thanks for posting the quiz and it’s very informative.
Can you send me the answers.

Image of Shyam Sundar
Shyam Sundar
4 months ago

Hi, Can you send the study guide.

Image of Winnie
4 months ago

Hi Shyam, in order to receive your study guide, please fill out this form and you should find it in your email. Thank you!

Image of Ashutosh Pradhan
Ashutosh Pradhan
4 months ago

Can you please send me the study guide with answers to the quiz.?

Image of LauraArguijo
3 months ago

Hi Ashutosh, I see that you filled out the form, I will go ahead and send it to the email you used on the form.

Image of Gunjan Arya
Gunjan Arya
4 months ago

Did receive the study Guide. Please mail to my personal email address.

Image of Winnie
4 months ago

Hi Gunjan, please fill out this form in order to receive your study guide.

Image of Saurav Kumar
Saurav Kumar
4 months ago


I have passed the test but couldn’t get the study guide. Can I get it on my email please ? Its Thank s in advance.

Image of Winnie
4 months ago

Hi Saurav, thank you for reaching out – in order to receive your study guide, please fill out this form and you should find it in your email. Thank you!


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