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Getting Started: AWS Certification Path

Posted on June 15, 2018 by WinnieWinnie

We’ve all heard that the AWS Certification is one of the highest paying certifications in IT. But the AWS Certification path can be a bit daunting, especially if you don’t know what you’re working with.

Amazon Web Services can help you build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability. And despite only being in the marketplace for a few years, AWS Certifications have become a featured highlight in IT salary reports. As AWS is being widely adopted in the marketplace by organizations around the globe, many professionals are choosing to pursue these certifications whether they’re working directly or indirectly with the technologies, But how do you go about certified?

  • What does the AWS Certification path look like?
  • Are there prerequisites for each Certification?
  • Which AWS Certifications should I start with?
  • What are the exams like?
  • I have no experience in cloud, but can I still get a job in tech?

You don’t have to already be an IT guru to get started. Whether you’re in a professional IT role or not, have some AWS knowledge or are just breaking into it, here’s our Head of AWS Content, Tom Haslett, with some advice for advancing your career:

If you’re looking to develop your skills in AWS, check out our latest hands-on AWS training content here or get started with this Amazon Web Services Master Level Learning Path – it’s a giant learning path that includes ALL of our certifications from beginning to end, along with key deep dives in popular AWS services.

Still not sure where to begin?How to Pass AWS Certifications

The last free resource that I’ll leave you with is this How to Pass AWS Certifications eBook. It’s the most updated eBook, with over 30 pages of content to understand:

  • What are the different AWS Certifications?
  • How do you study for the exams?
  • What’s the best certification for me?
  • and more!

Get the free eBook here.



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Ashish Peruru
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Great intro.

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