Introducing: The Orion Papers

Introducing: The Orion Papers

We’re so excited! Course Author Tom Haslett just refreshed, revamped, and relaunched our AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate course with updated content and 20 hands-on labs. If you are familiar with Tom’s AWS Essentials course using the Omega Project, then you will be happy to know he used this same methodology to bring us the Orion Papers, a visual, interactive guide filled with live diagrams and AWS knowledge that you can use as your own personal study resource. We’re always trying to incorporate new, innovative tools with our content, and to teach for as many learning styles as we can. (more…)

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What's new in March?

March New Content

What’s new at Linux Academy?

March was a historically exciting month for us at Linux Academy – on top of some great new course launches and refreshes, we launched the open beta of Cloud Assessments! Take a look at what we published this month:

Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Exam 70-532 Prep: This course will cover the exam objectives with regards to the announced Nov 6, 2016 changes. Students will cover the following domains: creating and managing Azure Resource Manager virtual machines; designing and implementing a storage and data strategy; managing identity, application, and network services; and designing and implementing Azure PaaS compute and web and mobile services

OpenStack Essentials – 2017 Refresh: Ever wondered what OpenStack is? This course will leave you with a deep fundamental understanding of OpenStack core components, how it was born, and where it may be headed in the future. We will cover how you can join the community and possibly lend a hand as a contributor.

Certified Jenkins Engineer (CJE): Students will learn how to use Jenkins 2.x.x at a proficient level.  This includes the creation and configuration of jobs and builds, testing, common plugin usage and building pipelines. They will gain knowledge of common CI/CD concepts, and “CD as code” best practices. The material in this course will also help students prepare to pass the Certified Jenkins Engineer 2017 certification.

PPT-204: Puppet 204 – System Administration Using Puppet: This course is designed for those who are seeking a career in DevOps by preparing you for the System Administration Using Puppet certification exam.  You will learn how to manage infrastructure using Puppet Enterprise with common best practices.

AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty – Certification: This course has been developed to include everything you will need to pass the AWS Networking Specialty Exam. You are, however, expected to have an AWS associate-level certification and a background in networking will prove to be very useful, but is not necessarily required. In this course, you will build from fundamental networking concepts to deploying your own infrastructure with a heavy focus on networking best practices.

AWS Certified Big Data Specialty – Certification: Big Data is one of the most exciting and in-demand skills powering companies as big as Google and Facebook. It is no wonder Amazon Web Services (AWS) has released a Big Data Certification to catalyze the move to AWS Big Data solutions.This in-depth course will provide you with the required knowledge needed to be prepared to take the AWS Big Data Specialty Certification. We will be cover the various Big Data products available and build highly scalable and secure Big Data applications.

LPIC-1: System Administrator – Exam 101 Course Refresh: This course will help to prepare you for the Linux Professional Institute Level 1 Certification Exam 1. We will cover all of the objectives as listed on the site for this exam. You will learn how to administer users, navigate Linux filesystems, manage processes, start services, use remote network shares and more through this course. Using our practice services, exercises, and Live Labs, you will gain experience you need to be successful in the first part of your journey to the LPIC-1 certification.

Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Ansible Automation Prep Course: The performance-based Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Ansible Automation exam (EX407) tests your ability to use Ansible to automate the configuration of systems and applications.

Deploy and Manage OpenStack on Ubuntu – Newton: This course is designed to give you an understanding of the Identity, Image, Compute, Networking, Dashboard, Block Storage, Object Storage, and Orchestration services and how they fit together in an OpenStack Cluster. You will walk through the basic architecture of a cluster and its networking as we install a five-node OpenStack cluster on VirtualBox, and at the end of the course you will be able to launch and SSH into an instance.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate: This course is the latest version of the AWS CSA and is instructed in a completely new exciting way!  If you are familiar with Tom’s AWS Essentials using the Omega Project then you will be happy to know he used this same methodology in teaching on the AWS CSA certification course.

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Assess, Learn, and Earn With Cloud Assessments

You’re Not an Expert Until You Prove It: Try Cloud Assessments Free!

Linux Academy is excited to announce the free public beta launch of Cloud Assessments, a new platform that allows you to prove real, hands-on skills and earn Micro-Certifications. The first Cloud Assessments offerings focus on AWS, where you can now test real ability with performance-based assessments and learn with labs. (more…)

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Linux Academy

A Year to Remember

Student Success!

We got to celebrate so much student success this past year! You shared more than 1,037 exam passes with us, and over 27 of you let us know about your new jobs. All of us here at Linux Academy are excited to see how your hard work will continue to pay off in 2017.

“It’s been a lucky end of the year for me, since I graduated AND my internship turned into a permanent position. It’s been kind of funny, we haven’t been using AWS pretty much at all at work…but the Linux skills have been incredibly useful. I’ve seen other courses on different websites that teach pretty much just for the tests/certifications, and I’ve been happy that LA teaches for the real-world utilization of skills instead. It’s made a big difference.”
– Jessica V.


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Linux Academy partners with Chef!

We’ve Partnered with Chef!

We’re so excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Chef to provide high-quality, in-depth training to those of you interested in becoming Certified Chef Developers!

If you visit, you can get started on the Basic Chef Fluency Course, which will provide a hands-on experience for managing Chef. It will prepare you for the Basic Chef Fluency Badge exam – you’ll even get a coupon code for the exam! If that’s not enough Chef content for you, we’ve also got a Local Cookbook Development course with an anticipated release date of March 2017.

For more information, see Chef’s blog post here.

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Linux Academy and CloudBerry Labs

Linux Academy Partners with CloudBerry Lab

These days, it’s rare that you’ll find a company that isn’t leveraging the advantages of cloud services. Despite some of the obvious ones, such as security and increasing the efficiency of your IT systems, there are a surprising number of companies – particularly small to medium businesses (SMBs) – that aren’t taking advantage of the cloud to backup their data.

One of the reasons companies aren’t implementing cloud backup is that they lack the understanding or experience to do it properly. To combat this, Linux Academy has established a partnership with CloudBerry Lab to create a custom training course on how to design and implement backup strategies with Amazon Web Services (AWS).


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Build Your Own Linux... for Free!

Access the Build Your Own Linux Book for Free!

Last week, we announced one of our newest course offerings, Build Your Own Linux… from Scratch. This course includes an 115-page PDF booklet detailing the process of building a basic Linux distro from the ground-up, alongside Linux Academy’s normal video lessons. But we decided we liked the book so much, we wanted everyone to have it. So we made it a website and released it for free. takes all the written copy from the Build Your Own Linux course and offers it to anyone interested in learning about how Linux distros go from simple Linux kernel to useable servers. From preparing your workspace to downloading and configuring needed packages, the course — and website — aims to give you a deeper understanding of Linux and how distros are made. And you don’t even need a Linux Academy account!

Of course, if you come across any issues or have any questions while building your very own Linux, we’re still here to help. Sign up for our free community to chat with thousands of industry professionals and students just like you.

So what are you waiting for? Open up your terminal and get building!

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Getting Comfortable with PowerShell

Getting Comfortable with PowerShell – A New Course Series By Linux Academy

The world of IT has been moving towards a new direction. From cloud computing to advancements in big data analytics, administrative environments are becoming daunting daily tasks with increasingly complex challenges. One of the most profound changes occurring in 2016 is the business model approach Microsoft has taken with the open source community. With new leadership, Microsoft has adopted a less constrained engagement model and adapted to its userbase by allowing certain core proprietary technologies to be brought to the open source community. Fresh on the heels of the release of .NET to the open-source community, Microsoft announced it has launched PowerShell 6.0, aka PowerShell Core, to the open-source community and will be available on Linux and Mac clients alike.

So what does this mean for the average administrator – especially one who comes from a UNIX/Linux background? The first and foremost item is this will now introduce a cross-platform tool that can administrator numerous environments simultaneously. (more…)

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Enter to Win a Google Pixel

Just like we promised, we’re giving away the new Google Pixel! Here’s how you can enter to win:

  1. Log in to your account! Super easy, right?
  2. Spread the word! Share something and tag Linux Academy on Facebook or Twitter. Let your friends know you got a certificate of completion, show off your professional certification, or share one of our blog posts with your followers!
  3. Learn something! Watch a short Nugget video – some of them are less than 10 minutes – for a quick bit of useful information.

Just complete these three simple steps by December 29 in order to be entered into the competition. The winners will be announced on January 5 and must have an active Linux Academy account to be eligible.

Good luck!

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