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Re:Invent Survival Guide

AWS re:Invent is right around the corner, which means it’s time to prep for the madness!

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How We Maintain the Highest-Quality Content in the Industry

We’ve been releasing so much new content this year — with 70+ releases in April, 150+ releases in July, and 200+ planned for November — that you might be wondering… how are we able to maintain the high-quality content you’ve come to expect from Linux Academy?

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Linux Academy Weekly Roundup 141

Celebrate student success with Linux Academy!


Writing a Great Cover Letter

Cover letters seem to be a leftover tradition of a time before the internet.


The Key to Getting AWS Certified is Perseverance

So, you’re considering taking the plunge and going for an AWS certification?

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So You Want to Be an Ethical Hacker?

The best way to stop a hacker is to think like one.

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Happy Birthday Ubuntu!

Happy 14th Birthday to Ubuntu!

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Linux Academy Weekly Roundup 140

Celebrate student success with Linux Academy!

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Availability vs. Cost: Finding a Balance

One of the biggest problems businesses face today is finding the balance between availability and cost.

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AWS Drops Pre-Requisites to their Certification Exams – Good or Bad?

AWS recently announced that they are dropping pre-requisites for their certification exams.