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New Linux Academy for Business — Q2 Roadmap!

I’m proud and excited to say we began rolling out the all-new Linux Academy for Business platform to our business customers this week.


It’s here! The All NEW Linux Academy for Business!

The ultimate platform for multicloud training at scale is here.


Learn Linux by Doing with New Linux Hands-On Training!

Linux is all over the place and even powers most of the cloud!

Amazon Web Services

Learn AWS by Doing with New AWS Hands-On Training!

AWS is one of the fastest growing cloud service platforms offered today.

Linux Academy

Weekly Update 4/22/2019

Last week we had quite a few announcements, including the launches of Automating AWS with Lambda, Python, and Boto3 and AWS Advanced Networking Specialty.

Amazon Web Services

Cost Avoidance and Operational Costs | Maximizing Business Value with AWS

In the previous article in this series, I discussed how you can have a more productive workforce by leveraging the cloud.

Business Platform

Why Learn-by-Doing Matters

I founded Linux Academy over seven years ago to help people learn by doing.

Amazon Web Services

Scheduling Amazon DynamoDB Backups with Lambda, Python, and Boto3

Let’s assume you want to make a backup of one of your DynamoDB tables each day.