Real Hands-On Labs at Linux Academy

Because we know that our learners appreciate every opportunity to prepare for their certification exams, as well as careers, we built a scenario-based resource we call Hands-On Labs.

Amazon Web Services

Using Vault to generate dynamic IAM users in AWS with Cloud Playground

  In today’s technology landscape, securely storing and controlling things like passwords, certificates, tokens, and encryption keys, is a necessary, but complicated challenge.

Cloud Playground

750+ Hands-On Labs and Counting

  A couple of years ago, I wrote a post called “116 Hands-On Labs and Counting” and today we have over 750 Hands-On Labs across 10 content categories — Linux, AWS, Azure, Big Data, Cloud, Containers, DevOps, Google Cloud, OpenStack, and Security.

Cloud Playground

Cloud Playground for Beginners: Navigating your first Server

To help you get started with our Cloud Playground feature, we’re putting together a series of guides for various skill levels.