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The Team Cloud Training Advantage

Posted on August 20, 2019 by Janelle PoiselJanelle Poisel

In the last year, 96 percent of organizations were using the cloud in some capacity (2018 State of the Cloud Survey). What does this mean for technology? And more importantly, your business? It means a new system is quickly becoming the industry standard and your business has to be ready to master it, quickly and efficiently.


Scalable, permanent success

In an industry built on constant change, how can your company stay up-to-date? Formerly, legacy solutions required a lot of heavy lifting for businesses. Crucial decisions around server load and employee headcount had to be made months or years in advance. But now, with the help of the cloud, your business doesn’t have to waste hours and dollars on onboarding new employees or purchasing servers that may not be used. Now, you can upskill your current team, reduce costs, and increase growth agility by implementing the cloud infrastructure. But who can you trust to provide a permanent, affordable solution to teach this ever-changing technology? The first Learn-by-Doing online training platform: Linux Academy for Business.


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Team cloud training for all

Whether your organization already has a cloud-centric team in place, or you’re looking to teach your current team to become experts, training is essential. With the myriad of training options and curricula available, it can feel overwhelming to find a comprehensive solution for dispersed or diverse teams. And that’s why all of our courses cater to innovating and growing your business.

Our vast course catalog is updated in conjunction with changes in cloud technology. Then, these courses come to life with immersive environments we call, Hands-On Labs. Once a team completes training from a predetermined Learning Path you’ve chosen, you will be able to access their progress, in real-time. Busy professionals need results, fast. So our dashboard provides the data you need to make the decisions that drive technology transformation for your company.

Whether you have a small team with similar skills or multiple teams with varied backgrounds, we provide a unified solution. As an admin, you can easily deliver a specific curriculum to specific learners. Have a team of IT professionals that need to learn Amazon Web Services? Set them on a track to get certified in its use. But then there’s a separate sales team that just needs a basic overview of AWS concepts? We’ll help you give them the tools to speak intelligently on that as well. We cover the full spectrum of learners and their skills, from novice to expert, to accelerate overall team success.


Learning for longevity

While some platforms assist learners in one stage of their career, Linux Academy team training is built for a longterm partnership that spans every phase of skill development. From our transcripts to our Hands-On Labs, each tool on the platform is built to accelerate learning and anticipate the inevitable changes of the cloud. When your team encounters our training environment, you will be confident that they are learning only the most up-to-date, applicable skills.

Additionally, the average organization is leveraging multiple clouds, for various reasons. So you’ll need access to multiple systems, which means a fee for every single user needing access. But not with us. With our Hands-On Labs, you completely avoid the added headaches and costs that come with testing out different systems. And best of all, they won’t just be learning through videos and practice assessments, they will be practicing what they learn in live deployments, at no risk to your company. With access to live AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and Linux consoles, your team is free to make mistakes or leave servers running.

We clean up afterward. No added fees. No special downloads. Completely safe, invaluable practice.

Different teams, different goals, one solution

When it comes to future productivity and success in technology, cloud skills pave the way. Further, you don’t have to replace an entire team to get there. To see results you simply need to train the team you have, efficiently and quickly. We’ll help you navigate new terrain, again and again, year after year. As the cloud shifts, so do we. Let us guide you to a transformation that puts you in control as you drive unprecedented results and reduce outdated resources. For every team, there is a goal. Large or small, we’ll help you reach it faster.


Build your custom path to success with the #1 rated Learn-by-Doing team training experts.



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12 months ago

I’m looking forward to a great learning program.

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