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A Look At Our New Business Platform: Introducing Dashboard Analytics

Posted on March 22, 2019 by Anthony James Founder/CEOAnthony James Founder/CEO

Understanding how your team is consuming training, your ROI for purchasing Linux Academy subscriptions, and knowing just what your company is doing with Linux Academy is always important. While we cover the cost of labs in your organization for you, I’m sure you still have questions such as:

  • How many labs and how much playground usage does my organization use?
  • Who are my top learners?
  • Who are my top groups?
  • What are the top courses they are taking?
  • What content categories are my staff spending time on?
  • What labs are they using?

Finding answers to these questions can be hard when you have so many people within an organization that are utilizing Linux Academy training.

Dashboard Analytics Coming Soon!

To make these questions easier to answer, I’m happy to introduce our first phase of Business Training Analytics. There are multiple analytic components we will be launching in April. First will be the new Dashboard analytics, followed by Group and Learning Path analytics later in April. Along with Analytics, we are also revamping our Reporting and launching it with our new platform as well! Here’s a sneak peak:

This dashboard phase of Business Training Analytics will be extremely valuable to you and your organization, as it will provide you with information in clear, easy charts, numbers, and graphs. The dashboard view will also change based off of a user’s permissions. For example, members of the organization with one of the Administrator roles will see the data that is based on ALL users who are a member of your Linux Academy organization. Group administrators will have aggregated data of all the groups that they administrate. Granular level permissions on groups, learning paths, and members themselves will be launched later in April.

We have been ramping up our product teams, and it is reasonable to expect continuous improvement on these new platforms based off of our customer’s requests and needs. Continue to follow us to learn more about the exciting new things coming out!

If you missed it in our previous blog, we’re offering license-free Administrator and Group Administrators.


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