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When Microsoft announced all-new Azure certification exams last September, we added four new Training Architects focused on preparing our students. When Microsoft incorporated live environments into those exams, we gave our students instant, hands-on labs to help them get ready. Now we’re excited to announce our completely revamped Azure courses with included Hands-On Labs, Interactive Diagrams, flash cards, study groups, practice exams, downloadable course videos, and even more features!

Linux Academy is the only way to get exam-like training for multiple Microsoft Azure certifications. Take a look at the hands-on Courses below and get access to live Azure environments for you to practice what you’re learning!

New Hands-On Azure Training Courses

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment – Exam AZ-100

with Chad Crowell

  • 17.75 hours of learning
  • 10 hands-on labs
  • 74 course videos
  • 300 practice exam questions
  • 300 flash cards

Get prepared to pass the AZ-100 exam. Learn how to create, configure, and manage resources in the Azure cloud, including but not limited to:

  • Managing Azure subscriptions
  • Creating and managing alerts
  • Configuring resource policies and alerts
  • Creating and configuring storage accounts
  • Deploying and managing virtual machines
  • Creating and configuring VNet peering and DNS
  • Managing AD Identity Protection and objects

Get access to and practice in a live Azure console with these hands-on labs:

  • Applying Tags to VMs in Azure Using PowerShell
  • Securing Storage with Access Keys and Shared Access Signatures in Microsoft Azure
  • Modify Storage Account and Set Blob Container to Immutable
  • Utilizing AzCopy to Copy Files from On-Premises to Azure Storage Accounts
  • Configuring Content Delivery Network (CDN) Endpoints in Microsoft Azure
  • Create and Mount Azure File Shares
  • Deploy a VM Using an ARM Template in Azure
  • Attach a Custom Disk to an Existing VM in Microsoft Azure
  • Adding a Network Interface to a VM in Azure

Enroll in this Course today!

Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies – Exam AZ-300 (IN DEVELOPMENT)

with James Lee

  • 6 hours of learning
  • 6 hands-on labs
  • 30 practice exam questions
  • 1 interactive diagram

Master the skills required for the Microsoft Azure AZ-300 certification exam in this course! The AZ-300 exam is an expert-level exam that tests for advanced knowledge and experience working with various aspects of Microsoft Azure. Throughout this course, you’ll progressively build and expand upon both your knowledge and hands-on experience working with Azure technologies, including:

  • Infrastructure and operations
  • Advanced and automated infrastructure
  • Identity and security
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Developing apps and services for the cloud

Follow along with the interactive diagram, The Blushift Guide, with a split-screen setup and interact with the content as you go.

Dig into the Hands-On Labs in This Course, with real live Azure environments, included!

  • Azure Storage Accounts: Configuration and Security
  • Create and Configure VNet Peering in Azure
  • Create a Load Balanced VM Scale Set in Azure
  • Create and Configure an Application Gateway in Azure
  • Configure an Azure VNet-to-VNet VPN Gateway
  • Configuring Azure Backups

Check out this hands-on Azure course now!

Microsoft Certified Azure Developer – Exam AZ-203 Prep (IN DEVELOPMENT)

with Michael Heydt and James Lee

Azure developers design and build cloud solutions such as applications and services. They participate in all phases of development, from solution design to development and deployment, to testing and maintenance. They partner with cloud solution architects, cloud DBAs, cloud administrators, and clients to implement the solution. Candidates for these exams should be proficient in developing apps and services by using Azure tools and technologies, including storage, security, compute, and communications. Candidates must have at least one year of experience developing scalable solutions through all phases of software development and be skilled in at least one cloud-supported programming language.

Get started with AZ-203 here

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