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Our course author team and developers have worked together this month to bring you not only a new course but a whole new category of labs! You can now get experience with Azure with a real production environment and real scenarios without using your own resources.


New Course  Chef Local Cookbook Development Badge: This course is designed to prepare you for the Chef Local Cookbook Development Badge exams. By passing the exams and obtaining this badge, you will demonstrate your ability to properly develop a basic Chef cookbook. If you obtain the badge, you will be on your way to obtaining a Chef certification.

Hands-on Lab – Azure Storage TablesIn this lab, students use Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer to connect to an Azure Storage account, create a Storage table, create entities in that table, and query them. This lab gives students hands-on experience with understanding NoSQL databases, including how partition and row keys identify records; how properties can be added or removed to any record, without affecting other records; and the data types available for table entity properties.

Hands-on Lab – Azure Traffic ManagerThis lab teaches students the different kinds of routing profiles in Traffic Manager, Azure’s DNS-based routing tool. You will see the four types of routing profiles – Priority, Performance, Geographic, and Weighted – and how your configuration of these profiles affects what is shown through the Traffic Manager endpoint.

Hands-on Lab  Social Media Web App Authentication: In this lab, students will create a Facebook application to provide social media login to an Azure Web App. They will then configure an Azure Web App to log visitors in via Facebook; see the “claims,” or facts, about that user provided by Facebook; and see how configuration options affect content availability.


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