Development updates!

Today I’d just like to give some updates on some of the stuff we’ve been working on at the Linux Academy.

Amazon Web Services

We've been busy at the Linux Academy!

At the Linux Academy, helping our student master their skills and expand their knowledge is our number one goal.


The Cron Daemon

Scheduling Recurring Tasks on Linux Using Cron Cron is a daemon used to schedule any kind of task you can imagine.  It is useful to send out emails on system or program statistics, do regular system maintenance, make backups, or do any task you can think of.  There are similar programs on other Operating Systems.  […]


Linux Commands For Beginners: SUDO

Sudo, the one command to rule them all.  It stands for “super user do!”  Pronounced like “sue dough” As a Linux system administrator or power user, it’s one of the most important commands in your arsenal.  Have you ever tried to run a command in terminal only to be given “Access Denied?”  Well this is […]


Debugging With an Android Hardware Device

Hi again Android programmers!  I can call you that now since you have completed our first tutorial right?  In our first tutorial I picked you up off the bare floor, dusted you off a bit, and gave you to tools necessary to embark on our journey.  We installed the Android SDK, setup the virtual machine, […]