Behind the Scenes

Employee Spotlight – Alex Lozada, Product Designer

The Linux Academy product team is a huge reason we are the #1 learn-by-doing multicloud training platform.


Learn by Doing: Linux Hands-On Training Courses

Linux is everywhere and even powers most of the cloud.

Amazon Web Services

Learn AWS by Doing with New AWS Hands-On Training!

AWS is one of the fastest growing cloud service platforms offered today.


Learn Azure by Doing with New Azure Training!

Ready to solidify your Azure skills by doing?

Amazon Web Services

Learn by Doing with Hands-On DevOps Training Courses

DevOps has become an integral part of the cloud – in Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure.


Learn Containers by Doing with New Containers Hands-On Training!

With 340+ hours of hands-on labs and courses on Containers, Linux Academy is here to help you get on the path to faster cloud transformation!


Learn Security by Doing with Cybersecurity Training Courses

Did you know that 91% of organizations are concerned about cloud security?

Behind the Scenes

Employee Spotlight – Tia Williams, AWS Training Architect

Our Training Architects are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of online learning and helping professionals become cloud and Linux experts!


Close the Tech Skills Gap by Learning In-Demand Tech Skills | Infographic

With in-demand tech skills being searched for every day across not only the tech industry but every industry, it’s the perfect time to develop your tech skills and fast-track your career!