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Author: elle

Elle is a Course Author and former technical writer at Linux Academy and Cloud Assessments with a focus on DevOps and a love of Linux. Tweet her at @ellejaclyn.

AWS re:Invent Winner, Ondrej Toffolet, Interview

AWS re:Invent Winner, Ondrej Toffolet, Interview

We flew one of our students, Ondrej Toffolet, out to Las Vegas for AWS re:INVENT 2017 as part of our "Win a Trip to re:Invent" contest. Interested in a student perspective, we got Ondrej to interview with us about re:Invent, Linux Academy, and tech as a whole. Check it out below! How did you initially hear about Linux Academy and what intrigued you to find out more? Well, when I moved to the US a couple years ago and I started my career at Applied Systems as a DevOps, I realized that I had to acquire a really wide scope of new skills (especially Linux and AWS). I was trying to find the best online source which would cover all of my needs. I remember that it took me awhile before I found the right place; I have tried a few of your competitors and nobody covered the things that I was looking for. When I found Linux Academy, I purchased only a monthly subscription, and I realized shortly after that I should go for an annual membership. You literally have boosted my career and you have been helping me through all my Linux and AWS Certs. Of course, it is not only about the certifications: It is mainly about the process of gaining new skills and knowledge itself.

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