Linux Academy Weekly Roundup #1

If you’ve seen our Live Shows, view our blog, or keep up with our website, you’ll know a lot is going on at the Linux Academy lately, so make things a little more accessible we’ll be making weekly posts rounding up new content, new podcasts, and new features we’ve released this past week. And since we’re a community here at Linux Academy, we also want to use these posts to put the spotlight on our many students who pass their various certifications each week. Check back weekly to see what’s up, what’s new, and who has achieved great things alongside us! (more…)

Re:Invent Recap and 9 Linux Academy Students Pass Certifications At Re:Invent (100% pass rate!)

WOW! This week at Re:Invent was truly a cool experience. Not only did we get to see a lot of new services and meet some neat people, we had the opportunity to see 9 certification exams taken by Linux Academy students and 9 certifications issued to Linux Academy students! That is awesome! First off thank you students who took the opportunity to share your success at re:invent with us! If your a Linux Academy student you can go into the community and talk with these other students. If not check out our public community archive to see what they had to say about passing!! It can be found here

If you are interested to hear a recap of what was released at re:invent as well as what it might mean for the AWS Certifications check out our AWS Re:invent Linux Academy Show below!

Introducing Learning Plans: A new look on self-paced learning from the Linux Academy

At the Linux Academy, our goal is to create not only the best content to help you pass your Linux and Cloud certifications, but also the best tools to help you stay engaged and focused. Our content has always been self-paced, but we’ve had a different spin on it. At the Linux Academy, we’ve always made our instructors available to the students, much like if you were sitting in the same room as an instructor. Really, we wanted classroom learning intimacy to be the same in a self-paced online environment. One of the main advantages of classroom learning is that it is not self-paced. In fact, you either keep up or you lose out. We wanted to imitate this same type of environment without the harsh “you lose out if you get behind”. We spent the last 3 months researching, speaking with users, and developing a new tool called “learning plans”.

Linux Academy Learning Plans

Learning plans are an original take on self-paced learning developed at the Linux Academy. They allow you to take self-paced and make them “scheduled”. Simple questions like “how long should I study” or “when should I be expected to complete the course” are now obsolete questions due to the Linux Academy learning plans. Really, it’s as simple as filling out a simple wizard page that asks for your start date and availability, then our system does the magic. It uses our algorithm, based on suggested study times, content length, and extra study requirements to develop the perfect study plan for you. It also works hard to keep you on track. It measures your progress, provides daily items due, and even sends you reminders when it’s time for you to study. If needed, you can adjust your learning plan or even pause it, so if life happens you don’t lose out on your studies. The Linux Academy learning plans remove those unknown stresses and extra time needed to manage your own personal study plans and automates it to help you be successful even if you don’t have much time at all to study.

Only 20 minutes a day? Maybe one hour a week? That’s ok, let our learning plans help you make the most of that one hour a week!

Not only have we just announced our learning plans, but we also announced the availability of FOUR real servers for each user to use as part of there Linux Academy account. We also announced the immediate availability of multiple courses including more Linux, DevOps, and OpenStack topics! The best part of all this is the content and features were added to the Linux Academy without any type of price increase. You’re able to have access to over 800 videos, 150 quizzes, scenario based labs, study guides, and your four real lab servers for only $25/mo (or less if you purchase quarterly or annually).

New Live Lab!™: Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues

Today we introduced our first of many troubleshooting Live Labs!™ for our AWS labs. This specific lab is setup to help SysOps practice there VPC and EC2 instance connectivity issues. The lab is build in such a way that “tasks” are needed to be completed in order to resolve the connectivity issues displayed in the lab situation. This lab was added as part of complete training course including over 20 hours of training, videos, practice exams, and labs for the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate Level exam and our current 80+ hours of AWS Certification Training.

New Live Lab!™: Resizing Or Changing A Root EBS Volume

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of our newest AWS self-paced and hands-on Live Lab!™, Resizing Or Changing A Root EBS Volume.

This lab is a standalone lab which means you can take it without it being part of a course. It was created to go along with our AWS Certified SysOps – Associate Level certification prep course. While we were learning about monitoring and performance metrics as they relate to AWS and more specifically EBS we thought it would be helpful to learn how to change EBS volume type from SSD to Provisioned IOPs and/or increase the partition size which also increases the base rate IOPs for your volume.

The lab is one hour long and can be completed in as little as 15 minutes! Not only is the lab guide available for download for your own personal notes and future reference, we also provide a video for the Live Lab!™ in the AWS Certified SysOps – Associate Level course.

Reducing Our AWS and Linux Self Paced Lab Cooldown!

We are happy to announce the immediate reduction of our Amazon Web Services and Linux Self-Paced labs cooldown! The Previous lab cooldown took one day before the lab was available again to be used. We have upgraded our system to allow for one hour cooldowns. Members now have the ability to take the same lab up to 24 times in a day and can take as many different labs they want in a single day. We are very excited for this feature and a few new ones coming soon! If you haven’t already done so, take a look at our available self-paced Live Labs!™

Linux Academy Is Now An Approved Quality Content Provider For CompTIA Linux+

Linux Academy is proud to announce that we are now an approved CompTIA Quality Content Provider. Our CompTIA Linux+ material has been independently reviewed by CompTIA and ProCert Labs and is now ExamReady certified! This means that our courses have been independently reviewed by ProCert Labs  and meets 100% of the certification objectives. Linux Academy is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality course and exam prep materials at an excellent value.

Now that our Linux+ exam preparation has been Quality Content Approved, this means training centers, instructors and others who are teaching Linux+ are  now able to use the Linux Academy Linux+ exam material for official training!

For more details on the CompTIA Quality Content Partner program check out their page here. You can also take a look at a few of Linux Academy official training partners such as the Linux Professional Institute here.

We’ve been so hard at work adding new content and features that we are sure you’ll find something you’ll like. We now have many Linux courses as well as self-paced hands on labs. Our content also includes a very deep collection of AWS certification courses and AWS self-paced labs!