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Because we know that our learners appreciate every opportunity to prepare for their certification exams, as well as careers, we built a scenario-based resource we call Hands-On Labs. These live deployments are supplemental to the videos, and allow you to follow along with the material, building and creating as you go.  If you’re looking to master your skills through practice and educate yourself beyond video content, our labs are for you. We believe there is no substitute for real Hands-On Labs when you want to dig into meaningful practice environments. You can search through the currently available labs HERE

Cutting through the Noise

As of the publish date of this blog, over 600,000 Hands-On Labs have been taken through Linux Academy. That’s a massive number of deployments, experiments, and opportunities to learn by doing.  With so many learners benefitting from this innovative tool, we have only become more and more passionate about its use. However,  like many great features, our Hands-On Labs are not immune to duplication or misrepresentation. In an effort to maintain their purity and identity, we created a video series that demonstrates what they are, what they are not, and what you can expect when using them.

The Hands-On Labs Series

To illustrate the benefits, you can now view our first of nine videos that show, in a light-hearted way how learners can spot a real Hands-On Lab. You can view the first episode on our Youtube channel HERE.  Be sure to subscribe so you get notified when we release the rest of these episodes.

We believe it’s important to provide you with the best tools, at an affordable price. And we don’t want you to be fooled by a duplicate product with the same name, devoid of the features.  Our goal has always been to create a positive, supportive, and enjoyable learning experience for absolutely everyone. Countless hours go into creating coursework and specifically, Hands-On Labs. It would be a disservice to our learners to give anything less than our absolute best, and we are committed to maintaining that standard.

The Linux Academy team is a humble and hungry group that loves our learners and carefully creates products to support them.  You can expect continued course releases, high-quality videos and diagrams, study groups, and of course, Hands-On Labs. We stand by everything we make, and we don’t tolerate the devaluing and misrepresentation of a product we created, we love, and you deserve the full benefit of.

Thank you for supporting us as we continue in the fearless pursuit of crafting innovative, unparalleled tools. You are the reason for each and every ‘real’ piece of content we make.


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