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At Linux Academy, we continually invest in updating our training content. Azure training is at the top of our most-requested list, so we are proud to announce that we’re addressing the demand. We have opened multiple positions for Azure experts and are looking to hire more Azure content creators. We recognize your needs when it comes to comprehensive Azure training, and so we have released multiple new Azure courses and hands-on labs.

Before we dive into the new hands-on labs, we want to make sure you understand why they’re vital to your skills toolbox. Linux Academy builds hands-on labs in a way that no other training provider does. Our hands-on labs are independently consumable labs (think micro-courses) that deploy out a REAL environment. Each lab comes with a set of objectives, videos, a guide, and an end architecture diagram on how to navigate the lab. Additionally, they don’t require any setup time, financial compliance reimbursement, or company-based account management for the learner. We don’t believe labs should be walkthrough video tutorials; so we see made them genuine tools for microlearning.

Benefits of Hands-On Labs

Besides the ease-of-use, our labs are ready for you to use, with zero set-ups required. For example, in Azure, if a learner is expected to learn how to troubleshoot a network setup, should the learner first set up the network in a broken fashion? That’s an added headache and a waste of your time. In this scenario, you wanted to learn how to troubleshoot the issue, not how to break it. At Linux Academy, we deploy out the “broken” scenario for the learner to immediately get in and begin troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting is my favorite example, but that’s not the only type of scenario we offer. If you are learning how to secure a Kubernetes cluster in a lab, you shouldn’t have to build the Kubernetes cluster. Instead, the lab starts with it already built. We have over 900 labs with these types of objectives that pre-deploy real-world environments for you. And these environments deploy INSTANTLY! You don’t have to wait for 15, 10, or even 5 minutes for the resources to build; you click start on the lab, and they’re available. This goes for all of our content categories: Security, AWS, Google Cloud, Containers, DevOps, Serverless, Data, Linux, Azure, and soon, more!

Finally, without further introduction, here are the new Azure labs and courses:

New Azure Content:

Hands-On Labs:

New Azure Courses:

Make sure to stay tuned as we continue to accelerate our Azure training output. You won’t want to miss what’s coming. Subscribe to our blog below and stay in the loop as we release this exciting new content.


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