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Monthly Update: November 2019

Posted on November 6, 2019 by Anthony James Founder/CEOAnthony James Founder/CEO

This November at Linux Academy, we have loads of new content coming your way! Before we dive into the list of our new content, we have a few reminders for you all.

General Learners

To all of our learners who may know someone who wants to learn more about the cloud or Linux, but they have been on the fence about signing up for a free community edition account, then tell them that right now is a great time for them to sign up! We have several entry-level courses that are currently open to community edition members, though these courses will only be accessible if they sign up before November 15th.

Business Platform Learners

For our Business platform learners, we have a brand new Linux Academy feature just for you! It’s called Custom Cloud Playground. As you may already know, our Cloud Playground provides access to pre-configured servers, an instant terminal, and cloud sandboxes. But with Custom Cloud Playground, an entire team or organization can access a distribution built specifically for them and is available only to them. We know that training teams on specific software can be costly and that scenarios can be difficult to create and a challenge to secure via VPN or port 22 access. With our Cloud Playground, we handle all of those headaches. That way, teams are free to focus on their learning instead of having to build and maintain their tools. For more information, go to

Hands-On Labs

For our veteran learners, you know what our hands-on labs entail, but if you’re just starting on your journey with Linux Academy, here is a quick recap. Hands-on labs are real, scenario-based experiences that allow you to practice as you go. They allow for real-time trial and error in a safe environment, without any extra costs. In the past month alone, we’ve added over 110 new hands-on labs, with more coming every single week. These are available with all of our paid memberships. They’re game-changers, and if you haven’t already, you’re going want to try out one today.

Swag Giveaway

We know you love swag, so we have another month of swag giveaway winners! Thank you to those who subscribed to our YouTube channel and took advantage of the giveaway. Here are our November winners!
  • Michael Zerbib
  • Sebastian Biernat
  • Donald Eytel
  • Rahul Sharma
  • Jonathan Clement
  • Eusebio Resende
  • Abhishek Baranwal
  • Stefan Zivanovic
  • Gage Edvalson
  • Jake Schlottag
  • Noufel Masrour
  • Savio Mathew
  • Thiyagarajan Elangovan
  • Gloria Edem
  • Karthik Iyer
  • Karen Parmar
  • James Colbert
  • Kurt Beckstein
  • William Glennon
If your name is listed above, e-mail with your full name, Linux Academy student e-mail, shirt size, and shipping address. You will receive a response to confirm we got all of the necessary details to deliver your swag.
Due to limited supplies, please respond by November 12th, 2019.
If you didn’t win this month, follow these steps to submit into the giveaway from December:
  1. Have a Linux Academy account (free or paid).
  2. Be subscribed to our YouTube channel.
  3. Fill out the entry form.
  4. Watch the Monthly Updates to confirm you’ve won!
Here is the new T-shirt you can win for December.

New Content

Now, as promised, here is an overview of all of the content that we have created throughout the last month. We’ve got quite a bit for you all. Enjoy perusing through our new content, and we’ll see you in next month’s update.


Hands-On Labs Released

The following are all of the new Hands-On Labs that have been released over the last month. As you can tell, our Training Architects have been hard at work.


Google Labs

Big Data


Hands-On Labs by Course

The following are new hands-on labs for both new and old courses!

Apache Web Server Hardening

Building a Full-Stack Serverless Application on AWS

Google Cloud Apigee Certified API Engineer

DNS and BIND Deep Dive

Learning Vagrant

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHEL 8 RHCE)

Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka (CCDAK)

CompTIA PenTest+

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

Exams Released


8 months ago

I really love the voice and the way things explained in detailed….this is an awesome experience…

Image of LauraArguijo
8 months ago

Glad you enjoyed our monthly update video for November. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more of our monthly updates!

Image of Elvin
8 months ago

Awesome, this is the place to keep learning and updating your skills. the best place to level up on anything with Linux

Image of LauraArguijo
8 months ago

Hey Elvin, we are glad to hear that our training is helping you! How is your current training helping you in your career?

Image of Kevin
8 months ago

Will you guys be having another Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale this month?

Image of LauraArguijo
8 months ago

Hey Kevin! Check back with us here to see if we have any promotions!

Image of Josh
8 months ago

Will there be any black Friday deals this year?

Image of LauraArguijo
8 months ago

Hey Josh! Check back with us here to see if we have any promotions!

Image of Ahmed Mashhour
Ahmed Mashhour
7 months ago

When is RHCSA 8 going to be released?
I am surprised the RHCE course is updated to the 8th version before the RHCSA course…

Image of LauraArguijo
7 months ago

Hey Ahmed, thank you for keeping up with our Monthly Update. We usually post new released content. If you don’t see a specific content on our site, you can submit course suggestions in our Aha board


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