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Learning Together Amid Uncertainty

Posted on March 13, 2020 by Justin TalericoJustin Talerico

As part of the ongoing efforts to combat COVID-19, the world suddenly engaged in the largest experiment to date with remote work and remote learning. Many universities are suspending in-person classes and moving learning online. To ensure cloud training and other initiatives keep moving, businesses are embracing remote solutions over in-person ones as well. 

But there’s more to online learning than just streaming lectures over the internet. Universities and businesses are having to learn how to successfully engage students in an online setting – a challenge Linux Academy instructors have embraced for the past eight years.

Online learning is at the heart of everything we do around here, something we’ve been practicing and refining since 2012. And we’re still putting that experience to work for you, to help you continue your cloud journey amid all the uncertainty. 

Over the coming days, we’re partnering with our friends at A Cloud Guru to share our tried-and-tested strategies for learning (and teaching) in an online setting. We’ll pick some of the brightest brains at Linux Academy, like SVP Terry Cox, to talk about keeping it real in a virtual world.

First up, check out A Cloud Guru’s tips on learning from anywhere: put unexpected time in your schedule to good use, and seek the power of community even at a distance. We’re in this together, and we’re committed to getting through it together. Let’s keep calm, be kind to one another, and learn on.

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