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Learn by Doing For Less: Individual Membership Cost Reduced

Posted on May 5, 2020 by Sam KroonenburgSam Kroonenburg

A special note from CEO, Sam Kroonenburg:

I’m pleased to announce that effective today, we are reducing the regular price of a Linux Academy individual membership.

As the global workforce adjusts to a new, unprecedented reality, working and learning from anywhere has become not just a possibility, but a necessity. To support the community during this sudden transition, we recently offered a temporary price reduction. In the weeks since it’s become clear that this is more than a temporary disruption; this is our new normal. And meeting the learning needs of the globally distributed community requires even greater access to our remote learning tools.

Ryan and I founded our cloud training platform on the belief that access to high-quality tech education should be as accessible and affordable as possible. In that spirit, we’ve decided to make our price reduction permanent.

Effective today, we’re lowering our annual membership for individuals to $379

That equates to $31.58 per month, paid yearly; and ensures we can provide affordable cloud education to even more students, even beyond these challenging times. This lower price offers the same benefits of a full-access individual membership, including our comprehensive course content, Hands-On Labs, technical deep dives, Learning Paths, and more. And with our mobile app for Android and iPhone, Linux Academy is available wherever you are, to train at your own pace.

Searching for advanced learning and in-depth courses? Choose from a number of Learning Paths to gain deep knowledge and specialty skills.

Looking to get certified? There’s never been a better time to try your hand at an exam—AWS, Azure, and GCP have all added online exam options.

A change for the better

If you’ve been wanting to try Linux Academy, or know someone who has—now is the time. Whether looking to advance current skills or branch into a new industry, we have the tools to ensure your success. Train for the future. Train for yourself. Start your journey to the clouds, today.


Image of Cristian-Teodor Tatoiu
Cristian-Teodor Tatoiu
2 months ago

Hello Ryan! Any news on the LA-ACG integration? Or they will remain as 2 separate products/brands? Thanks!

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