You’re invited to join us in celebrating our 7th birthday and we’re giving YOU the gifts!

It’s your chance to win a team account with 7 free seats,* a limited edition sticker, and claim 30 free gems!
*Winner of the team account will receive one year of free membership for a team account, which must be used for a company-affiliated account for new members only (cannot be applied as a discount for existing team members).


Who: You!


When: February 25 – March 12

Enter to win a team account with 7 free seats to upskill your team in the latest cloud and Linux technologies. 


Get one year of free, unlimited access to hands-on IT training for your team in Amazon Web Services, Linux, Google Cloud, Azure, Containers, DevOps, OpenStack, Security, and more!


Learn about our new Business Platform including customizable features and hands-on training tools here. 

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