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As we kick off the final month of the year, you may be lamenting missing our Black Friday sale. Don’t be sad! We are keeping the Black Friday prices going for a while longer, providing a year-long Linux Academy subscription for only $299! You’re going to want to act quickly on this since the price will be gone by December 6th. Our annual members get access to our full platform, including every course we offer, our instant hands-on labs, and our versatile cloud playground. Don’t settle for another year wondering what could have been if you had started training. You can change your life with the opportunities cloud training provides, and Linux Academy is here to get you started.

New Content Launches

Speaking of opportunities, we have a new selection of courses and hands-on labs for you this month. Take a look at what we have ready for you!

Azure Content

Linux Content

Google Cloud Content

Newly Released Hands-On Labs

Swag Giveaway

Our Swag Winners this month are the following individuals:
  1. Sebastien Auriault
  2. Jude Oyovbaire
  3. Ashish Pradhan
  4. Charmaine Cruz
  5. Chamith Priyamal
  6. Evgenii Minikh
  7. Ivan Tomica
  8. Khurram Bhatti
  9. Scott Mitchell
  10. Cameron Ferstat
  11. Guido Oswald
  12. Mae Large
  13. Daniel Dzissah
  14. Sagrario Reyes
  15. Mladen Krstic
  16. Cameron Rooke
  17. Meshach John
  18. Anatoly Kamchatnov
  19. Ramesh M
  20. Jennifer Dozar
If your name is listed above, e-mail with your:
  • Full name
  • Linux Academy student e-mail
  • Shirt size
  • Shipping address.

You will receive a response to confirm that we have all of the necessary details to deliver your swag. Due to limited supplies, please respond by December 12th, 2019.

Happy Holidays to you all, and have a wonderful December!


Image of Mukesh
1 week ago

I have an interest to buy only one course. Please suggest why should i go for whole courses. It is not useful for me & in future I am not going to use other courses. Please come up with some reasonable price for individual course. I will analyze & think…

Image of LauraArguijo
1 week ago

Hello, thank you for considering us. Our platform allows a deeper learning experience that encourages increased retention of skills and addresses all learning styles. We would love to be a part of your learning journey. Right now you can take advantage of $150 off a yearly subscription.


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