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Online Testing Helps You Get AWS Certified From Anywhere

Posted on March 24, 2020 by Janelle PoiselJanelle Poisel

Recently, AWS announced all exams will now be online-proctored exams

-a huge win for our global community of at-home learners.


It’s important to note that online exams are virtually monitored to ensure the integrity and credibility of the test. All you need to make sure you meet their requirements are these items:

  • A computer with webcam, microphone, and speakers or headphones
  • A solitary, private location where space around you is quiet
  • A quality internet connection without any excessive security measures


But wait, there’s more

Microsoft, while less extensive, also offers some online examinations for certifications. They include specifically “any role-based or fundamentals exam”. Microsoft also provides a quick system test that tells you if your system will be compatible with their online process.

And as for Google, they’re still navigating the online-testing waters and determining when and how. If that changes, we’ll keep you updated. Until then, GCP is letting current certification-holder know that their concerns are still heard. If you are worried about an expiring voucher discount or certification expiration date they encourage you to reach out to the GCP’s support team to find a suitable solution.

GCP exams are administered by Kryterion, and the current list of their testing center closures is available here.


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For even more information on this change, you can read the full announcement from AWS on their FAQ page.


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