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With the New Year comes new courses from Linux Academy! Five new AWS courses are now available for all Linux Academy students. Extend your professional knowledge of Amazon Web Services with Ansible and Amazon Web Services, Advanced AWS Security, Lambda Deep Dive, Using the EC2 Container Service, and Docker and Elastic Beanstalk.
Fresh from our Ansible course and curious how to integrate the popular DevOps tool into an AWS infrastructure? Look no further, Instructor Terry provides an in-depth look at how Ansible and AWS can integrate. The course covers basics such as installing Ansible on various Linux distros, creating and managing your environment, AWS resources and modules for Ansible and use cases wherein you can practice creating and optimizing your Ansible Playbooks.
Learn how to protect your AWS infrastructure in Advanced AWS Security. Starting with an overview of the Shared Responsibility Model, this course goes into how to protect your data through a variety of points. Includes information on managing access to EC2 instances and resources, securing data at rest and in transit, network security, key pair usage, security groups, VPC security, flow logs, network ACLs, WAFs, and an IDS and IPS overview. Walk away from this course secure in your knowledge that you can secure a system.
The first course from our newest instructor, Christophe (creator of Scale Your Code) will provide in-depth information regarding AWS Lambda, which allows users to run code without provisioning or managing servers. This course covers Lambda fundamentals, Node.js, and Python Lambda functions, testing Lambda functions, and using Lambda functions in the CLI, with more content to be released!
Discover how to manage a cluster of Amazon EC2 instances with AWS’s EC2 Container Service. Learn about containers, container architecture, user and group setup, security, cluster creation, Docker integration, scaling, troubleshooting, performance metrics, and other skills to keep your clusters highly-available and performing at peak.
In another combo of DevOps and AWS, the Docker and Elastic Beanstalk course will teach students how to set up and configure the container solution Docker on Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon Web Services’ solution to deploying and scaling web applications. The course contains introductions to both Docker and Elastic Beanstalk, Docker set up, Elastic Beanstalk set up and CLI configuration, and use case examples where you will use the wizard to set up your “app,” learn the environment, review Elastic Beanstalk command line basics, and more.


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