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Getting started with Amazon's new Zocalo

Posted on July 16, 2014 by Stephen SmithStephen Smith

A few days ago Amazon announced that they were to release there new application stack called Zocalo.  Zocalo is a cloud based document sharing and collaboration tool.  Zocalo is very similar to the features that are provided by DropBox however have a much more mature enterprise integration.  In fact you can integrate users and there permissions using your existing Active Directory environments.  Using the zocalo service you are able to setup what is called a zocalo site.  Zocalo sites are hierarchies that you use to share both internally with your organization as well as externally across organizations.  You can access your files using any device such as iPhones, androids, and kindle fire’s.
colaborateHere at the Linux Academy we are already taking full advantage of this new service to collaborate and and check-in things like new lab guides.  We can easily comment on our lab guide to the original owner of the document so that they can receive feedback right within the zocalo portal.  You can see revisions and versions of each uploaded file as well so you have a fully managed progression when working with new publications etc.
Today I am very excited to announce we already have three video lessons that walk you through setting up your first Zacolo site as part of the Hybrid AWS Technologies course at  The first overview video is actually available publicly.  The rest of the Zacolo videos walk us through using it and collaborating with teams.  And in the near future I will even release a lesson on integrating user access via Active Directory.


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