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Cloud Cadet Episode 6: Preparing for AWS Certifications

Posted on March 15, 2016 by podcast motorpodcast motor

In the newest episode of Cloud Cadet, Christophe talks to fellow host and Linux Academy founder and instructor Anthony. With the recent release of Linux Academy’s AWS CSA – Professional course, Anthony discusses the new course and the best ways to prepare for any certification. And Anthony should know: He has seven certifications!
The course itself the successor to AWS CSA – Associate certification, and you’re brand new to AWS, we suggest you start there! With a combination of videos, exercises, Live! Labs, quizzes and practice exams, Linux Academy provides a true hybrid of online and traditional learning platforms. Part of the problem when preparing for a certification is knowing what to look for, how to prepare for it, and in what order to do it. In this course, we’ve optimized that, and learning and preparing to be qualified should be easier than ever. But what about when the course ends and it’s exam time?
Anthony’s best tip is this: Don’t study just to pass the exam. If you are, what you’re doing is learning how to answer questions, not learning how to be a qualified employee. A certification isn’t just about getting the paper, it’s about landing that new job, getting that raise, or genuinely learning a new system to be used later. Once you’re qualified for that higher goal, the exam is easy.
Anthony has also looked at what makes someone successful or unsuccessful and analyzed, based on Linux Academy’s 95+% success rate, the best way to study for certifications. Anthony suggests:

  • Start at the beginning
  • Read through all of the questions
  • Answer each question one by one
  • Take turns reading the potential answers
  • Understand what the question is asking: How many different ways can you look at a question?

He also suggests thinking about what else has been out there in the environments of the exam. Just because a service updated in your region doesn’t mean it’s updated in every region, for example. Study the old and new versions, and don’t be afraid to fail: A lot of times, failing an exam doesn’t mean to you aren’t qualified, it just means you need to reconsider your test-taking practices. Just be sure to use it as an opportunity to learn.
Take advantage of the resources we have at Linux Academy so you can be prepared, and be sure not to miss the Scale Your Code podcast!
Thank you for tuning into this week’s edition of Cloud Cadet. Please let us know if we’ve helped you in any way! We love celebrating students successes.


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