So you’ve decided to go to re:Invent! While it’s easy to get distracted with the fun parties, vendors, and the idea of being in Vegas itself, remember the whole point of re:Invent is to learn and advance our AWS prowess, right? There are a tremendous amount of learning opportunities or breakouts to attend – it can seem overwhelming! But let’s first recap some basics:

There are three types of breakout content levels: introductory, advanced, and expert; and three different types of content types: sessions, workshops, and chalk talks. Chalk talks are brand new for 2017 and are an interactive hour-long format intended for a more intimate audience. There are also three different content venues: Aria, MGM Grande, and Venetian. re:Invent also has a plethora of session tracks, or topics, such as gaming, artificial intelligence and machine learning, healthcare, and serverless, just to name a few.

I decided to ask a couple of my peers on the AWS content team which breakouts they plan on attending and how that is going to shape our content for 2018!

I started with AWS Quest Guide Trent Hayes, who is currently working on the AWS Security Essentials course and has decided to focus on security sessions this go around: “I’m particularly looking forward to chalk talks about Serverless for Security Officers and Advancing Web Application Security. I am also looking forward to sessions on best practices for security on AWS to see if there are any new ideas on this front I need to research and include.”

Crag Arcuri, who is also an AWS Quest Guide, has his sights set on several different content topics for re:Invent, including serverless computing: “I have a software background but just a little Lambda experience. Lambda is coming on strong and I’m excited to dive deeper into it.” He’s also interested in artificial intelligence – “My AWS-related AI knowledge is limited, and I’m expecting this to be a great ramp-up” – DevOps – “I expect to begin my pursuit of AWS DevOps Pro certification just before re:invent and I want to come away from Vegas with a good foundation for my studies” – mobile – “Mobile isn’t going anywhere and the details of mobile federation have been an ongoing interest of mine.” – networking – “Networking is at the heart of what we do and I want to improve my strengths (VPC) and get better in weaker areas (Route 53)” – and, finally, content delivery – “I’m developing a Deep Dive course on CloudFormation and want to keep in synch on the latest feature developments.”

As for me? I am interested in breakouts where I can learn more about AWS in my everyday life, such as Alexa, Where’s my Car or Love, Fraud, and IoT – where eHarmony, AMEX, and Cisco chat about the challenges of large-scale applications that need to support personalized user experiences based on real-time insights.  There are also several breakouts surrounding Netflix, such as How Netflix Monitors Applications in Real Time with Amazon Kinesis, which I find particularly interesting.

With so many breakouts to choose from and our AWS Quest Guides selecting a vast array, there is bound to be exciting content for 2018!

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