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AWS re:Invent 2019: Day One Recap

Posted on December 3, 2019 by Mike ChambersMike Chambers

Ready, steady, go…

The countdown is over and AWS re:Invent 2019 is go! This is AWS’s premier event of the year, so we can expect big numbers, big announcements, and sore feet.

AWS re:Invent Day One Recap

By the Numbers

This year we are expecting between 50 and 60k attendees, 2.5k technical sessions, at 20 hotels, with 6 venues and one massive after party!

It’s really hard to make predictions when it comes to the world’s fastest-moving tech company. Last year we saw huge announcements in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, a push into space with AWS Ground Station and the usual list of service enhancements and upgrades that we come to expect from the universes largest cloud vendor. So what about this year? Making predictions is a mug’s game, so…. let’s have a go:



BlockChain Services

If you’re not living under a rock then you know that blockchain is a significant technology that will empower innovation for many industries, not just financial services.  But if you’re like most people you probably struggle to know where to start.  Amazon Managed Blockchain helps deal with the undifferentiated heavy lifting, but it might still leave some scratching their heads.  My prediction is that we will start to see blockchain-powered features being added to existing services.  So much in the same way that machine learning integration has been added into Aurora SQL queries, could we see blockchain added as a checkbox option into Aurora, S3, EBS or other AWS services?

Machine Learning, Machine Learning, Machine Learning

This is an easy one, like shooting fish in a barrel.  We are definitely going to see ML announcements this year.  What these will be is a little harder to guess.  Firstly there will be updates and features added to AWS SageMaker.  Earlier this year spot instance training was added, could we see some serverless play in the ML space, where we don’t have to think much about the number of instances we use to train our models.

Also, around machine learning, could we see the addition of more ML features being added to existing AWS services?  As I mentioned before ML integration was added into Aurora, could we see more checkbox integration into other services?


So this is a little bit more ‘out there’, but we have seen AWS push into space, so what about being more down to earth and have a service offering specifically in the agriculture sector.  AWS already provide HPC and storage for climate data, so could we see them developing services that will help to feed a growing world.  Maybe.

Not forgetting Serverless

There will undoubtedly be more serverless things for us all to argue about!

Midnight Madness

Things actually got started with Midnight Madness late on Sunday. As the name suggests this was pure madness, with airband performances, and wing eating competitions. And following tradition, the first announcement of AWS was there.

AWS DeepComposer

AWS Deep Composer Keyboard

After the 2017 launch of DeepLens, then DeepRacer in 2018, this year AWS launched DeepComposer.  This is a generative AI service for creating music, and launching alongside the service, AWS is releasing a physical DeepComposer keyboard to help budding maestros compose all-new AI-generated music.  Will this be as popular as DeepRacer?  Will we see a music chart listing like we had the DeepRacer league?  Time will tell.

Come Say Hello

Linux Academy at AWS re:Invent

Linux Academy is at booth 1837, right by the AWS Village. If you’re at re:Invent this year, come along for a chat, and some swag; we’ll be posting throughout the week to keep you informed.

And if you would like to share your story with us, we have an entire on-site production team interviewing learners and listening to their triumphs as well as barriers in their journey to the cloud. Just look for the bright orange shirts and let us know you’re willing to share your success story!

Have a great reInvent, and remember to #swagResponsibly.




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