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AWS Online Training | New November Releases

Posted on November 10, 2018 by OliviaOlivia

We’re so excited to release new AWS online training as part of our 200+ new Courses, Hands-On Labs, and Practice Exams/Quizzes launching this month! So far we’ve released:

With over 200 new pieces of training content launching this month, it’s the perfect time to start learning with Linux Academy! Keep up with our new content releases on our live shows and blog. You can also always watch the recorded streams at your convenience on our YouTube channel – subscribe for updates!

Join us on YouTube on November 13th at 10:30 AM CST for new Linux and OpenStack content!



New AWS Online Training Courses

AWS Certified Security – Specialty

with Adrian Cantrill
Obtain one of the three AWS specialty certifications and learn how to secure applications in AWS with this new course. Gain the hands-on experience required to become a qualified AWS Security Specialist working in a real-world environment, and get prepared to pass the AWS Certified Security Specialty certification exam.
The certification focuses on five components when designing and operating security in the cloud:

  • Identity and Access Management
  • Detective Controls
  • Infrastructure Protection
  • Data Protection
  • Incident Response

Hands-On Labs in this Course:

  1. Performing a Source Code Security Scan Using git-secrets in AWS
  2. Enabling ASX VPC Flow Logs with Automation
  3. Working with AWS CloudWatch Logs for Incident Response
  4. Troubleshooting CloudTrail and S3 Logging Issues in AWS
  5. Automatic Resource Remediation with AWS Config
  6. Automatic Remediation of Inspector Findings in AWS
  7. Troubleshooting a Detection, Alerting, and Response Workflow in AWS
  8. Blocking Web Traffic with WAF in AWS
  9. Configuring Layered Security in an AWS VPC
  10. Installing an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) on an EC2 Instance
  11. Troubleshooting KMS Key Policies
  12. Create and Manage SSL Certificates with AWS Certificate Manager


Amazon ECS Deep Dive

with Mark Richman
Explore Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), from the very basics of its configuration to an in-depth review of its use cases and advanced features. Learn how ECS is architected in order to provide a better understanding of how to manage container-based applications at scale. Get a solid foundation of the basics, and then dive into the advanced use cases to uncover the power of ECS.

Hands-On Labs in this Course:

  1. Creating a Multi-Node ECS Cluster in AWS
  2. Deploying a Task Using AWS Fargate
  3. Creating a Load-Balanced Service in Amazon ECS
  4. Build and Publish a Container in AWS to an ECR Repository
  5. Configuring Autoscaling Rules for an AWS Fargate Cluster
  6. Updating a Running Amazon ECS Application
  7. Sending SNS Alerts for Amazon ECS Events
  8. Trigger a Batch Process using Amazon SQS
  9. Using Parameter Store and IAM Roles in AWS


AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty Course

with Fernando Medina Corey
Big data is one of the most exciting and in-demand skills, powering large companies such as Google and Facebook. This in-depth course will provide you with the required knowledge needed to be prepared for taking the AWS Big Data Specialty Certification. We will be covering the various big data products available and build highly scalable and secure big data applications.

Hands-On Labs in this Course:

  1. Creating and Configuring Kineses Streams and Kineses Firehose in AWS
  2. Migrating a Database using DMS
  3. Creating DynamoDB tables
  4. Querying EMR Using Hive
  5. Creating and Using a SageMaker Notebook
  6. Analyzing and Visualizing data with AWS Elasticsearch Service and Kibana


AWS Essentials

with Tia Williams
Completely new to AWS? No prior AWS experience is required for this Course! You’ll get introduced to AWS, learn about the core AWS services, and walk through the process of setting up your own AWS account. Then, you’ll reinforce your new skills through Hands-On Labs in live environments, and check your understanding of the topics through interactive quizzes.

Hands-On Labs in this Course:

  1. Introduction to AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  2. Create and Configure Basic VPC Components in AWS
  3. Create a Linux EC2 Instance in AWS and Connect using SSH
  4. Create a Windows EC2 Instance and Connect using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
  5. Creating S3 Buckets, Managing Object, and Enabling Versioning in AWS
  6. Create a Basic Lifecycle Policy in Amazon S3
  7. Create an Amazon RDS Database
  8. Create a CloudWatch event and SNS Notification for your AWS Environment
  9. Set up an Elastic Load Balancer, Autoscaling, and Route 53 in an AWS Environment
  10. Create a Basic AWS Lambda Function


AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional Hands-On Labs (Full Course Launching January 1)

Being able to achieve the CSA Pro level certification is one of the top achievements for any cloud engineer. With that being understood, it is also one of the most challenging exams offered by any cloud vendor today. You need to dedicate numerous amounts of hours studying, taking practice exams, and getting hands-on experience within AWS.
These new Hands-On Labs are designed to give you direct experience within AWS and it’s services, helping you practice what you need to know to successfully pass the CSA Professional exam.

Hands-On Labs in this Course:

  1. Using AWS WAF to Protect Against Common Attacks
  2. Using AWS Config and CloudFormation to Monitor Your Resources
  3. AWS Tagging and Resources Groups
  4. Using Web-Identity Federation to Authenticate AWS Account Access for Remote Users
  5. Access S3 with IAM Roles
  6. Working with VPC Flow Logs for Network Monitoring in AWS
  7. Using Route 53 to configure DNS within an AWS environment
  8. Creating NAT Gateways and VPC S3 Endpoints
  9. Configuring Inter-Region VPC Peering in an AWS Environment
  10. Creating an Application Load Balancer from the AWS CLI
  11. Creating and Configuring a Network Load Balancer in AWS
  12. Utilizing Proxy Protocol and NGINX to Solve Problems through the AWS ELB
  13. Streaming video with Amazon S3, CloudFront, and Elastic Transcoder
  14. Using Cloudformation Templates to Create Complex Environments in AWS
  15. Using Data Pipeline to Export a Table from DynamoDB
  16. Disaster Recovery Techniques in AWS based on different RTO/RPO
  17. Using Auto Scaling for SQS Message Queues to Process Messages in AWS
  18. Deploying Docker Containers on Amazon EC2 Instances
  19. Using RAID configurations on an AWS EBS volume
  20. Using AWS EBS Snapshots to Restore Files to an AWS EBS Volume

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