Announcing the Linux Academy Mobile App for iOS and Android!

You asked for it, and the Linux Academy is delivering!

We are pleased to announce the addition of a mobile app for all of our users.  Coming February 2016, iOS users will have access to the Linux Academy mobile app via the App Store, with the Android version coming to Google Play by the end of 1Q 2016.  The app will be free for all users, but will require a membership with the Linux Academy to use.


Once logged into the app, students will be linked with their normal account.  Your course progress will be linked across any device that you log in from.  You will also have the ability to begin new courses straight from the app.

View your progress from the app.
View your progress from the app.
All modules are available on the app
All modules are available on the app

Don’t have the ability to stream videos?  Not a problem!  Download and save videos directly to your device for offline viewing!

Steam or download - your choice!
Steam or download – your choice!

In addition to regular courses, you can access nuggets and quizzes as well.  Note: labs are not available on the mobile app.




The mobile app is just another tool that Linux Academy provides for you to have the BEST learning experience on the web for Linux and Cloud training.  Enjoy!

22 thoughts on “Announcing the Linux Academy Mobile App for iOS and Android!

      1. Anxiously waiting for the Android App. Most of my learning time is during commute to work, would love to download and view lectures then.

  1. Checking the app store daily for this.. would be nice to get a status update please.

    I too can only find time to study on my daily commute, and the main driver for me finally signing up to Linux Academy was in anticipation of the app and the ability to study offline.

    1. Hello, Matt!

      As of today our Android app has is in beta. It will hit the Play store within a few weeks.

      If you’re interested in trying the beta, send in a support request giving us your Google email/apps account.

      1. I would also like to participate in the beta but am unsure as to how to make a support request. Do i do it through Help & Questions -> Ask a Question? I can see any where else I might do it.

  2. It would be nice if I could cast this to my TV using Google Cast. I like to sit in front of my TV with my laptop to follow along, that way if I need to restart or anything like that I don’t interrupt the stream. Hopefully this could be added in the future, or at least an Android TV and/or Apple TV app.

  3. My company had one account and I had another account. First I logged in using my company’s account and now I can’t disconnect it from my company’s account and log into my personal LA account.

    Any solution would be helpful. Thanks,

  4. Can we change vide watching speed in the ratio of .25x in iPhone app as we can do over website? 1.0 is too slow and 1.5 is sometimes gets faster when we really need to focus on newer terms. It would be great if we have setting of 1.25 or 1.75 .

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