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Announcing the AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty Preparation Course

Posted on November 15, 2018 by THaslettTHaslett

Hi folks!
We’re launching an overhaul of the AWS Big Data – Specialty Certification preparation course! This course has a lot of exciting new features that you’ve come to expect from Linux Academy. Let’s take a look!

The Data Dispatch

This course, now like many of our other AWS courses, contains a visual, nonlinear diagramming tool to help you review concepts and material in preparation for the exam. For this course, we’ve dubbed it “The Data Dispatch”.
In The Data Dispatch, you are an aspiring AWS Data Architect and Engineer. You are to implement an entire architecture left behind by a former employee.
If you’re familiar with our use of other interactive diagrams in other AWS courses, you may already know what to expect. But just in case, here’s a look at the project that you’ll see built out in this course:

In addition to the overall course project in this course, you’ll also see several Hands-On Labs and a variety of added concepts like IoT, Greengrass, SageMaker, and Glue. While these aren’t “Deep Dives” on those topics, they should familiarize you well enough to recognize the topics on the certification exam and prepare you effectively to pass the test. For these topics, you can also expect the same sorts of visualizations you’ve become familiar with in our other courses:

I hope you enjoy preparing for the AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty exam with me! If you have questions, be sure to post them in the Linux Academy Community so we can answer them right away!
Good luck!


Image of Hariharan Ramalingam
Hariharan Ramalingam
2 years ago

What is the course price?

Image of Olivia
2 years ago

Hi! We offer a monthly, yearly, and free membership. Find out more about our pricing here. Thanks and happy learning!


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