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Linux Academy Weekly Roundup 35

Celebrate the end of September with the last passes of the month!


Development Artifacts

In it’s most generalized definition, developer artifacts are any of the “byproducts” of the project development cycle, from initial planning documentation to the compiled software itself.

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Create an IRC Bot with Python 3

We’ve blogged some about IRC before and talked about the #LinuxAcademy channel on the Freenode IRC network.

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Linux Academy Weekly Roundup 34

Welcome Fall at Linux Academy by helping us celebrate the student successes of this week:

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September 20, 2016 Update: What’s New at Linux Academy

There’s been lots of new and exciting launches here at Linux Academy.

Behind the Scenes

The New Linux Academy Community is Now Live!

Today marks a BIG day for us at Linux Academy.

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Linux Academy Weekly Roundup 33

Yet another amazing week of certification passes has just passed!


Chef: Hosted v. Private

Chef, the infrastructure automation platform, provides users with the ability to manage their server fleet no matter what the size.

Amazon Web Services

Understand Lifecycle Hooks

When it comes to using Auto Scaling for your application, a common question is “How can we configure an instance with our application and its dependencies, and make it ready to serve traffic?” To answer this question, we can turn to lifecycle hooks.

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Linux Academy Weekly Roundup 32

Happy Friday from the Linux Academy!