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Linux Academy Weekly Roundup 15

This has been a great week for student passes and overall success here at Linux Academy, and with two employees at the OpenStack Summit, including our OpenStack instructor Stephen, we’re gearing up to bring you a look into OpenStack certification, tools, and training next week to celebrate.


What are Containers?

Scalability, high availability, containers, fault tolerance and eventual consistency.


Cloud Security – What You May Not Know Might Hurt You

If you use a cloud provider for your application and infrastructure needs, tell me quickly: Where is your data?

Amazon Web Services

Cloud Cadet Episode 8: Student Interview About AWS Certifications

 Today’s episode is hosted by Anthony James, founder of Linux Academy, and by AWS instructor and co-host, Christophe Limpalair.

Linux Academy

Linux Academy Weekly Roundup 14

Fresh off our live show, with ample announcements, this has been another wonderful week at the Linux Academy.


Learning Paths for Individuals

Are you new to the computer world and would like to learn Linux but don’t know where to start?


Linux Academy Flash Cards

Are you studying for an exam and need a quick way to remind yourself of the essentials?


Announcing The Certified OpenStack Administrator Prep Course

Last October at the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo, the OpenStack Foundation announced that it was releasing an official OpenStack Administrator exam.

Linux Academy

Linux Academy Weekly Roundup 13

Another week of success has come and gone at the Linux Academy, and we’re pleased to share students passes, and new information with you!

Linux Academy

Cloud Cadet Episode 7: Serverless Architecture in action with Sander Nagtegaal Co-Founder of

“We learned from previous startups… Because even as Teletext became a company, we learned from experience that one of the most important things if you launch a product that you’re still testing and not making money with, is for it to be cheap.