Managing Resources with Azure CLI

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Lesson Summary:

In this lesson we look at three examples of managing Azure resources which have already been created.

Through these examples we see there are two main types of management tasks we might perform: configuration changes and administrative operations.

We perform these tasks by harnessing knowledge we've gained so far throughout the course.

All commands used if you wish to follow along:

declare -A book1

'hammeroftruth-vnet'].id" -o tsv
book1[vnetID]=$(az network vnet list --query "[?name=='hammeroftruth-vnet'].id" -o tsv)
echo ${book1[vnetID]}

az network vnet update -h
az network vnet update --ids ${book1[vnetID]} --address-prefixes ""

az network vnet update --ids ${book1[vnetID]} --set addressSpace.addressPrefixes[0]=

az network vnet update --ids ${book1[vnetID]} --add addressSpace.addressPrefixes

az network vnet subnet create -h
az network vnet subnet create -n subnet1 --address-prefixes -g ${book1[rgname]} --vnet-name ${book1[vnetname]}

az vm stop
az storage account keys list -n ${book1[saname]}
az storage account keys renew -n ${book1[saname]} --key primary

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