Azure CLI Command Structure and Help

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Lesson Summary:

In this lesson we look at the structure (also known as the syntax) of the az command. Understanding the sytax helps ensure we enter commands correctly and aids in the ease-of-use.

We also take a look at accessing help so we can easily view documentation and examples for commands we wish to use.

Tip: You can press the TAB key while typing an Azure CLI command and the system provides possible options as well as auto-completing the command.

Commands Used In This Lesson

  • The partial command for web apps: az webapp
  • The partial command for subnets: az network vnet subnet
  • Outputting a list of resource groups: az group list
  • The partial command for creating resource groups: as group create
  • Getting help about creating a resource group: az group create -h
  • Getting help about the resource group commands: az group -h

All commands used if you wish to follow along:

az webapp
az network vnet subnet
az group list
az group create
az group create -h
az group -h
az group create -h

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