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Use Azure Storage Tables To Store NoSQL Records

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Time required: 2 Hours


In this lab, you will work with Azure Storage tables. You will create a table; add records, aka entities, to it; understand how the partition key and row key identify your entities; and query for entities based on column values, partition and row keys.

You will also see how the loose structure of Azure Storage tables' entities allow you to ignore properties, add properties to selected entities that don't exist in other entities, and retain the abilty to query for entities.

This exercise is indended to make you familiar with how Azure Storage tables manage entities and how NoSQL data stores work, in general, especially with regard to the loose structure of their records.

Suggested Pre Requisites

To complete this lab, you will need to download and install Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer. It is a tool provided by Microsoft at no cost and includes versions for Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

You'll also need a Web browser, to log in to the portal and copy the access information to connect to your lab's Storage account. You will also want to have a text editor or other means of holding on to the keys you copy from the portal. 


This lab is designed to allow you to work with Azure Storage tables. It specifically covers the loose structure of NoSQL records stored in Azure Storage tables; partition and row keys; and querying Storage tables for information.


  • Create an Azure Storage table

  • Understand how partition keys and row keys work together to identify entities and achieve efficient storage.

  • Create Storage table records and see how the loose structure of this NoSQL service allows you flexibility in the properties each entity contains.

  • Learn how to query for entities.

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