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Time required: 2 Hours


In this lab, you will become familiar with Azure Stream Analytics and how to ingest and digest data. The lab will provision 1 Azure Stream Analytics Job and 1 Azure Storage Account. Using these two tools you will proceed to create two containers that will be used to create ingestion and digestion locations for data files. The student will then create a custom query create and manipulate JSON date in real-time and select a location for storage. The student will be able to use the sample date to follow along with the video but will also be able to use their own raw JSON data to create as many query string examples to drive the concepts home.

Suggested Pre Requisites

You must have a stable internet connection to ensure connection to the website or Azure Portal is not lost. A file will need to be downloaded and uploaded as a test for JSON data should the student not choose to create their own data.


This lab covers the concepts revolving around the ingestion and digestion of data using Azure Stream Analytics. The student will be using SQL-like queries to manipulate JSON data and create real-time results.


  • Create New Input Source on Stream Analytics Job and configure to ingest from a new storage container

  • Create New Output Source on Stream Analytics Job and configure to store digested data into a new storage container

  • Configure a custom real-time query to manipulate data

  • Test Query by uploaded sample JSON data file

  • Confirm storage container has new filed created with correct data

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