Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Exam 70-533

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Doug Vanderweide
I'm here to help you learn, understand and certify in the Microsoft Azure tech stack. I hold the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer: Azure Solutions Architect and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Cloud Services and Infrastructure certifications, and I am a CompTIA CTT+ certified technical trainer. I'm a .NET and LAMP stack developer who got his start in the mid-1990s and never looked back. I love to teach and I will talk your ear off about Azure.

Design and Implement Azure App Service Apps

App Service Overview

Web App Overview

Demo: Create a Web App via the Portal

Demo: Create a Web App via CLI

Demo: Create a Web App via PowerShell

App Service General Configuration

Demo: App Service General Settings

Demo: Custom Certificates and Domain Names

Demo: KUDU

Web App Deployments

Demo: Deployment Slots and Settings

Demo: Deployment Options/Sources

Demo: Slot Swaps and Rollbacks

Demo: Post-Deployment Actions

Demo: Web Deploy From Visual Studio

App Service Monitoring

Demo: App Service Monitoring

Demo: Alerts

Autoscaling, High Availability and Resilience

Demo: App Service Plan Autoscale

WebJobs Overview

Demo: Web App Migration via the Migration Assistant

Demo: Remote Debugging

Demo: App Service Console, Diagnostics and Monitoring

Quiz: Design and Implement Azure App Service Apps

Create and Manage Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines Overview

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Desired State Configuration and VM Agent

Coming Soon

Puppet and Chef

Coming Soon

VM Disks Overview

Coming Soon

Azure File Service

Coming Soon

VM Disk Encryption

Coming Soon

VM Monitoring

Coming Soon

Availability Sets

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Virtual Machine Scale Sets

Coming Soon

Design and Implement a Storage Strategy

Storage Overview

Demo: Storage Overview

Storage Blobs Overview

Demo: Azure Storage Explorer

Demo: AzCopy

Demo: PowerShell Blob CRUD

Shared Access Signatures, Stored Access Policies, and Storage Keys

Demo: Shared Access Signatures

Azure Table Storage Overview

Azure Queue Storage Overview

Demo: Diagnostics, Monitoring and Analytics

Storage Data Security

Content Delivery Networks

Demo: Azure CDN

Azure SQL Database Overview

Azure SQL Database Replication and Data Sync

Azure SQL Database Migration

Coming Soon

Demo: Azure SQL Database Import and Export

Coming Soon

Azure SQL Database Security

Coming Soon

Azure SQL Database Scaling

Recovery Services

Coming Soon

Demo: Recovery Services

Coming Soon

Implement Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory Overview

Coming Soon

Azure AD Connect

Coming Soon

Custom AD Domains

Coming Soon

OAuth, OpenID and Federated Identity Overview

Coming Soon

Azure AD Applications

Coming Soon

Graph API

Coming Soon

Azure AD B2C Overview

Coming Soon

Azure AD B2B

Coming Soon

Implement Virtual Networks

Virtual Network Overview

Load Balancer and Application Gateway

Demo: Azure Load Balancer

Demo: Application Gateway

User Defined Routes

Network Security Groups

Demo: Network Security Groups

IP Addressing Overview

Hybrid Networking Overview

Demo: P2S VPN Setup

S2S VPN Gateway Configuration

ExpressRoute Configuration

Peering and VNet-to-VNet VPNs

Demo: VNet Peering

Design and Deploy ARM Templates

ARM Template Overview

ARM Template Structure

Demo: ARM Template Structure

Demo: ARM Template Deployment With PowerShell

Role-Based Access Control Overview

Service Principals

Resource Policies and Locking Resources

Demo: Resource Policies

Demo: Resource Locks


This course is designed to familiarize and instruct students in the content that is covered by Microsoft Exam 70-533, Implementing Microsoft Azure Solutions. It focuses on all the November 2016 objective domain topics.

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