DynamoDB Streams and TTL

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Lesson Summary:

In this lesson, the student will learn about DynamoDB Streams, the use cases appropriate to implement DynamoDB Streams, and also Time-To-Live (TTL). DynamoDB Streams allow for the ability to capture changes to items stored in a DynamoDB table, at the point in time when such changes occur. Whenever an application creates, updates, or deletes items in the table, DynamoDB Streams writes a stream record with the primary key attribute(s) of the items that were modified. The lesson will go on to walk through the configuration of DynamoDB Streams. Time To Live can also be set on a table and items can be automatically removed when their lifetime expires. You can back up, or otherwise process, items deleted by Time To Live by enabling Amazon DynamoDB Streams on the table and processing the Streams records of the expired items.

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