Getting Started With AWS Athena

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Time required: 2 Hours

Suggested Pre Requisites

This is a Beginner's level lab. Pre-requisites include familiarity with Amazon S3.


Objective of this lab is to learn how to use AWS Athena to query data stored in S3 buckets.


This lab allows you to practice analyzing data stored in S3 using SQL queries in AWS Athena. We create a database and table using Hive DDL and further query the data in the table using SQL.


1. Create a database using Hive DDL.
2. Create a table within the database using Hive DDL.
3. Query the data in the table using SQL.
4. Save the results to a CSV file.
5. Change the default query result location and verify that the query results are stored in the new location specified.
6. Use the query result file to create another table using the "Add table" wizard.
7. Further analyze this new table by SQL query.

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