Create a Role and Profile for NTP

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Time required: 1 Hours

Suggested Pre Requisites

You need to have completed the Building your first Puppet Module hands-on lab.


 The objectives of this lab is to give you hands on experience working with Puppet roles and profiles.


In this lab you will be working with roles and profiles.


1. Edit /etc/hosts
2. Set selinux to permissive.
3. Install the Puppet master.
4. Configure your agent node.
5. Clone your ntp module from Github.
6. Create a base profile for ntp.
7. Create a web role and add your base profile.
8. Add a node group for your role.
9. Pin your agent node tot he node group.
10. Add your role to the node group.
11. Test your role and profile on your agent node.
12. Debug any issues.
13. Commit your role and profile to GitHub. You will need it later.

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