Configure Code Manager

We deploy the real environment, you take the scenario-based labs on us. Hands-on, from anywhere, at any time.

Time required: 1 Hours

Suggested Pre Requisites

You need to have completed the following hands-on labs:

  • Building Your First Puppet Module
  • Create a Role and Profile for NTP
  • Configure Hiera and Create a Hierarchy


Start using Code Manager for deploying your Puppet modules to the Puppet master.


In this lab, you will set up Code Manager on your Puppet Enterprise master.


1. Edit /etc/hosts
2. Set SELinux to permissive.
3. Install the Puppet master.
4. Configure your agent node.
5. Create a control repository.
6. Configure your Puppetfile.
7. Check in your control repository.
8. Run code manager.

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