Manage and Deploy Code with AWS Developer Tools

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Thomas Haslett
Thomas Haslett is an enthusiast of cutting edge technology. Cloud computing, virtual/augmented reality, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are what he considers "fun & cool". Tom's background includes years of experience creating and designing proprietary business applications, virtual reality game development, and Android app development. Tom currently holds three AWS certifications: AWS Solutions Architect (Associate) AWS SysOps Admin (Associate) AWS Developer (Associate) LinkedIn: Twitter: @thaslett

Getting Started

AWS CodeCommit

CodeCommit Introduction

Setup and Configuration

CodeCommit Basics

Using CodeCommit with other AWS Services

AWS CodeDeploy

CodeDeploy Introduction

Setup and Configuration

CodeDeploy Basics

AWS CodePipeline

CodePipeline Introduction

Setup and Configuration

CodePipeline Basics

CodePipeline Advanced Features

Course Conclusion

Final Steps


Designing an application, writing code, solving complex algorithms - that is the easy part. We all know that the true hero is the person who can manage and deploy the code once it has been created. This is where AWS Developer Tools step in and allows you to become the hero every organization needs. AWS CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, and CodePipeline provides all the tools needed to successfully store, manage, and deploy your code to a fleet of servers (or just one) - in either the cloud, on-premise, or both. These services include: CodeCommit: A Git based version control system CodeDeploy: Automate deployments to test, developer & production environments CodePipeline: Create deployment models, and visual deployment workflow So what are you waiting for? Linux Academy will be with you each step-of-the-way, providing the best instructional videos so you can learn and, most importantly, implement what you have learned into real life scenarios.

Study Guides

CodeDeploy: AppSpec File Template


CodeDeploy/Lambda S3 Deployment Automation Code

Lambda Execution Role Policy Template

CodeCommit Lambda Trigger Function

CodeCommit SNS Trigger Template

CodePipeline Custom Action Template

CodeCommit Lecture Slides

CodeDeploy Lecture Slides

CodePipeline Lecture Slides

CodeDeploy: CodeDeployCustomUser IAM Policy

CodeDeploy: CodeDeploy-EC2-Permissions Instance Role Policy (S3 access)

Windows Registry File for CodeCommit Setup Video 3

CodeDeploy Ubuntu EC2 Config Bash Script

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