Docker And Elastic Beanstalk

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Terrence Cox
A veteran of twenty years in Information Technology in a variety of roles. He has worked in development, security and infrastructure well before they merged into what we now call DevOps. He provides training in Linux, VMWare, DevOps (Ansible, Jenkins, etc) as well as containers and AWS topics.


Although AWS Elastic Beanstalk allows you to deploy and scale web services and applications using a variety of languages, it really shines when paired with the Docker container services. Using EB, we will walk through how to use Docker for deployment while taking advantage of AWS load balancing, capacity provisioning, monitoring and auto-scaling.

Study Guides

Introduction to AWS ELB

Introduction to Amazon Web Services Elastic Beanstalk.

Introduction to Docker

Let's talk about what Docker is and some of the basics around it.

Container Architecture

A good overall understanding of Containers will help us on our journey, let's take a look at the architecture of a container.

What is a Container?

Understanding exactly what a container is and how it differs from other forms of virtualization is important.

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